what are the options for sharing spaces with clients?

Hello! I received my camera last week, shot two jobs and now I need to share a space with a client with the least amount of Matterport branding as possible; how do I effectively do that? Can I host a link to a space? Are there any other options? Thanks in advance!



  • Hi @genesisedmonton,

    Before you can share a Space, you have to change the Sharing option in the Space's page to "Public." Once public, you can just send your client the link. Only people with the link can access the Space. Just because it's "Public" doesn't mean it can be searched/found without the link.

    Regardless of the link you choose, Branded, MLS, Unbranded, the amount of Matterport branding is the same.

    - Amir

  • Thanks @Matterport-Amir

    that helped, much appreciated.

  • IS there any OTHER way we can share the walkthrough with a client. I've downloaded my spaces from the cloud to my ipad previously. Can I share those downloaded spaces so that my client can OWN their deliverable? Or is it only available to an owner via the link?


  • Hi Andy,

    The standard practice is to share the link as the deliverable. Using the link, viewers have access to all the features available for Matterport spaces. Here's a help document with details:

    It is possible to download a Matterport space as a .obj file and then view the space with an external 3D program. This does not give the optimal viewing experience for Matterport spaces. Here are additional details about .obj files:


  • So basically Matterport owns the data...regardless that we pay for the service. If we are paid in full, our clients-owners, should OWN that data....if Matterport goes out of business in 3 years, that own has paid for NOTHING and all of the data we paid to collect is gone. Now tell me why again I should continue to use Matterport to capture my deliverables?
    Might need to revisit our workflow.

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