2-question survey: How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with 360° Views, and why?

Matterport recently released a new feature 360° Views that enables you to show off a property’s exterior and the surrounding areas, and include them as part of your 3D tour. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with this new feature (please choose a number from 1 to 5)?

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1 = Extremely Dissatisfied

2 = Dissatisfied,

3 = Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied

4 = Satisfied

5 = Extremely Satisfied

...and WHY do you feel that way?




  • 3 - I say 3 because it would be nice to have the option to use them outside of the 3-D tour also. Thanks.

  • 4 - Love it. It's allowing me to offer my clients more options and give RE buyers the ability to have the "big picture” view of the homes. It would be cool to position a 360° pin in the dollhouse view. I also agree with Lisa. Thanks!

  • 3 360° View is a great option. Would like a way to show them with their own icon on the Space OR even independently.

  • 4- They are easy to capture and fill a large void that existed before. Having th eability to download/upload would make me BEYOND EXTREMELY SATISFIED. I'm in the process of shooting a apartment complexes and this capability would be a huge plus

  • I'd say 3 as there needs to be some connect between the standard scans and the 360 views as suggested by @Lisa Hinson and @treb

  • 4. They make it possible to capture extra shots and perspectives of a space, just wish there were a better way to integrate the 360 shots with the 3D shots, other than the highlight reel.

    If you have a 360shot as a start point, then you have to go to the highlight reel and select a 3D shot to be able to explore the 3D model, and you have to select a 360shot on the highlight reel to explore a 360shot. Some clients are a bit slow with technology and to explain that to them can be a frustrating. They get stuck on a 360shot and then think the model is broken.

  • oh, and it would be great if we could download 360shots and use on FB or other social media as well.

  • 3 . I think the low light quality needs to be increased as shooting in twilight, and nautical twilight have a lot of noise. I would also like the ability to add mattertags to a 360 view, even though they don't transfer from one 360 to another.

    That said. I do think they are effective to show what I need.

  • 3 - Feature is excellent but half baked. As everyone else said -- need to be able to link back to a scene via a Mattertag or simply an arrow feature. Processing is a bit 'hot' on external tours.

  • 4 This simply has to be a 4. This feature was a critical necessity, sorely needed! We could not continue to be locked indoors as properties are so much more! Not a 5 because of the light and resolution quality. As a specialist photographer great quality is expected by RE clients. However, as I know that much of this cannot be addressed with code and the hardware needs a design upgrade (which frankly I dread given the low ROI to date) I am keen to see other 'functionality gains' that can compete with all the other VT Tour service providers.

  • 3 - Because they should be integrated with the walkthrough, otherwise they're quite a "detached" thing, that breaks the virtual tour experience and suspension of disbelief. I wrote a related proposal here:

    "True" 360° Views integration into the walkthrough, by editing in Workshop

  • 3 - Its really great to have that feature, but so much of the quality is below the market standard and no where near the quality of the Matterport 3D Tours themselves.

    There's certainly room for improvement and I suppose it's Matterport's plan to do so, just by virtue of this survey.

    As one prospect said to me: The 360 tour doesn't "POP" as much as the 3D Tours and other 360º offerings.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share the feedback.

  • Quality - 4 - the view looks great when completed. Only problem is that the photos have issues in direct sunlight. But there is no fixing that.

    Usability - 2 - We need to be able to download the 360 photos. This is an important feature. It would be great to be able to link directly to the 360 photos for marketing purposes. In other words it would be great if we had another Matterport model link to each of the 360 photos. That way if we want to post just an auto play 360 photo as a teaser on a site it would load quickly and efficiently for websites.

    Overall - 3 - It helps me to be able to take photos of the back yard and front of the home, but they are inaccessible from within the model. You have to open the highlight reel to view the 360 photos. Pluses and Minuses.

  • Interesting. Matterport's TOS prohibits extraction of panoramas. I often think that this is because they want to strengthen their platform. I think that allowing extraction of 360 Views specifically would be a FANTASTIC idea and a good compromise!

  • Good to know, I should probably read the TOS a little closer...

  • @jrbatchelor, I believe Chris meant that your suggestion is OK because it would allow use of 360° Views separately without breaking the TOS.

  • 3 = For us it fills a void and gives us options to capture scenes unreachable by the scanner. We aren't particularly proud of the quality of imagery but like Matterport scans we tell the client it's more about providing content than it is quality.

  • Yes! I think that Matterport could really generate some community love by allowing the 360 Views to be downloadable, while NOT allowing the interior ones to be downloadable.

    It would also enable Matterport to be able to be used as a general virtual tour camera if a user wanted -- and Matterport would still reap the benefit of a $19 fee each time they did. This should generate more $$$$ for them.

  • 2 - would be 5 if the feature could connect with the 3D model directly and not display the highlight reel.

  • I also agree that if the feature could connect with the 3D model directly and not display the highlight reel.

  • 2 - We should have the option to capture ONLY 360 views and upload and use these separate from a 3D tour. For me, a General Contractor, the ability to be able to simply walk my jobsite and take 360 degree photos and then add then download and link those to my pdf plans would be a game changer.

    Job progress photos is A VERY BIG DEAL in construction. PLEASE give us the option to take only 360 degree photos and upload and download these separately from 3D tours.

  • Job progress 360s are a big deal and you know -- I could imagine a company wanting to alternate between 3D tours and panorama only tours to save time :)

    As this would be internal, I'm sure you could just shoot one 3D scan in order to make this work -- you could even keep adding 360 views and reuploading the same tour to avoid paying additional processing fees.

    It would be very nice if a tour with 0 3D Tours would upload and display WITHOUT the floorplan icon. I know that you can set a 360 View as the start point, so most of the infrastructure is there for this.

    It's an excellent idea from a software development standpoint -- always take care of all possible scenarios!

  • Yep, going to try to do one scan and one 360 view and see if I can download that 360. Problem is doing this will exceed the 11 projects per month too fast. Especially when you think about a construction project and each room having it's own 360 degree progress photo every 2-3 weeks over the life of a project.

    This is what I want to use this functionality for. to be able to hand over to an owner a full set of pdf plans that have all of the progress 360's embedded in it. Matterport says they are trying to gain more of the construction business.....THIS would do the trick.

  • I think that we as a community are unanimous -- we need 360 Views to be able to link back to the model and we'll all throw a '5' as our answer to this question.

    For simplicity's sake, I suggest a simple BACK button.

  • 3 - As mentioned by others, each 360 scan needs to be downloadable as an individual file in various formats (for example Expedia requires them to be in JPEG format, Shortest edge (height) must be at least 350 pixels high, at 72 dpi).

  • Hi @JC Coetzee

    I have just remarked elsewhere in the forum in response to @Chris Hickman that given that Matterport can now (albeit in Beta with the likes of Lionsgate) show popup thumbnails with embedded video and obvious competitive gain if we can get a popup floor plan schematic sytle with scan points to drive the go to but also to secondary pop up thumbnail and the 360 of that space (or for that matter another uploaded video, image and or url link to 3rd party video product page etc.).

    There was a 3rd party service (Howner) that offered a 360 extract for creation of a jpg useable in Facebook that got closed down by Matterport, so we know it is possible.

    Tot seins

  • 3 - I would also say that the main advantag of 360° views currently are not available for Matterport customers as the most interesting use would be the access to the 360 images to be able to create streetview tours and Facebook 360 Posts.

  • I'm sure one of the reasons behind the inability to extract the 360° images and host them elsewhere is it means a potential loss of revenue for Matterport as suggested by the Google Streetview tours

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