What is Matterport doing to stay ahead?

Hi Matterport,

Given Facebok have announced in their F8 Keynote that they have the ability to 3D Map a room using a standard phone camera and that this is being rolled out now, I'm curious if you can let us know more about what you have planned to stay ahead in the market and keep us investing in your platform?

Yes I know the facebook system isn't 100% in the same area as what Matterport is providing, but the leap wouldn't be hard for them to make or for someone else to make especially as they make this stuff open to developers.

I'm assuming I will probably get the standard line about not discussing new features and so forth but considering the market place is now becoming flooded with new suppliers and tech I would think it's time to rethink that approach before MSP's stop investing in an expensive & limited eco system and move to a free/cheaper alternative.

For those who haven't seen it here is the F8 Keynote in short:




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