How do I relate snapshot numbers to scan numbers?

When I create a walkthrough, I use the scan numbers to plan a path through the house and then take snapshot for each of the scans I want to use. But the snapshot numbers do not seem to include the scan number which makes it difficult to use them later. The small images in the highlight reel seem to compound the problem and the snapshot thumbnails are even smaller. It would be nice if something in the snapshot number indicated the scan number. Is there an easier way to do this that I am missing? I am pretty much a newbie at this so any help would be appreciated.



  • Will renaming the snapshots in Workshop give you what you're looking for?

    1. Open the space in Workshop
    2. Switch to Inside view
    3. From your current scan position, hover your mouse over the next scan position you want to use and note the scan number in the circle on the floor
    4. Click that location
    5. Adjust your perspective and take your snapshot
    6. Click Assets on the left menu
    7. Click Snapshots to expand the snapshots
    8. Click the newly created snapshot thumbnail
    9. In the upper right corner of the Workshop window is a box with the snapshot title. Click here and enter your descriptive text (including Scan Number and any other description you want)
    10. Click Done in the lower right corner of the Workshop window
    11. Repeat as necessary

    Alternately, you can identify scan locations by clicking 3D Scans & 360 Views on the left menu, and click the scan you want, then take your snapshot and label it based on the scan number you clicked.

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  • I can't take a snapshot because the error says you can take a snapshot of a disabled scan.  I don't see the X, so I can't hover over it?? to show it?  What can I do?

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  • If you can't see the X, either there isn't a scan in that specific location, or the floor underneath is the same color as the X.

    If you know there is supposed to be a scan in that specific location, you can try to move your cursor around until the hard-to-see X turns purple.  When it does, the Hide or Show button is enabled.  If you click the mouse and it will enable the scan.

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  • It's a 360 scan, does that make a difference? I've clicked all over. There's white haze? No x.

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  • It is a different process to get a snapshot from a 360 view.  In Workshop:

    • Click the 3D scans & 360 views tab
    • Expand 360 views
    • Double click the 360 view that is hidden
    • Click "Show" on the 360 view that is hidden
    • Click the Snapshot button
    • Change the view to the angle, perspective you wish and capture the snapshot
    • You cannot hide a 360 view that has a snapshot associated with it, but you can exclude it from a highlight reel.  Since it isn't on the reel, it won't be viewable.


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