Has anyone had a problem with adding new media (youtube video) to mattertags in older models?

I went into an old model today and added a new mattertag which contained an embedded youtube video.

This seemed to work fine until I noticed that all of the existing tags within that model were also affected by this.

For some reason, they all had the same youtube video added to them as well!

I opened the existing mattertags to delete the youtube video from them but it was not possible (their embed media boxes were already empty).

I've reported this bug to Support but, as you know, there is currently no way for MSP's to know which bugs have already been reported (or what their status's are!).

This is just a warning to everyone who may decide to try to do the same thing with older models!



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  • Hey Stuart,

    Thanks for bringing this up in the community and sending in a support request! It has been reported to engineering for further evaluation, and if it turns out to look a trend we will certainly let you know.



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