Need a GSV Facts Q&A Page

We will be asking a bundle of questions going forward. Other than the 'when' (which is clearly a matter of 2 orgs collaborating on development and trials) we have other questions.

Q1 When

Q2. One of the announcements made mention of limitations fo certian sectors. How will we identify business sectors to 'allow' our Matterport Models to be posted on GSV. Clearly excluding residential and limited to retail / commercial, public spaces?

Let me have your brief questions and I will add them.

Update 11 May 2017

Q3. Given that 'ordering' is required to publish within 24 hours. Is a charge / cost associated with publishing? How much will that be?

Q4 How will MSPs be able to manipulate Map Pin placement if orders are placed via Matterport? Rationale is key. Often Malls and Large Off Street strip malls have a single Google street address. Pin placement will be critical for multiple retails / restaurants at same address to prevent clutter / pin obscurity.



  • Hello Simon,

    While i suspect it wont answer all the questions, a good place to start is with the GSV FAQs which can be found at the link posted below:



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  • Q 1 When - Interpreted answer As at 11 May 2017 actual date unknown. Requires work by Google and Matterport. Following Beta Testing Program expected in Summer of 2017.

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  • Q 2 How we classify types of spaces that qualify. Not answered in full (i.e. how we classify). Partial details from FAQ.

    • Business Listings — retail and restaurants
    • Places of Interest — museums and landmarks
    • Multifamily — apartment complexes
    • Travel and Hospitality — hotels and resorts
    • Vacation & Short Term Rentals — nightly rentals only
    • Commercial Real Estate — office spaces

    EXCLUDES residential houses

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