New to Matterport - Scan of Historic Building and would like some advice on improvements

Hi All, I've had my camera for just over a week and this is my second scan, I scanned my friends Hair Salon last weekend but this was a different proposition as it was a large building originating from 1624 and I'd like some advice on how I can improve in the future. It was a really bright sunny day today in Stoke-on-Trent which is quite rare:). I didn't want to close blinds or shutters as the windows are great features but it was shining through and looks Hazy in places (yes I've read that Matterport doesn't like bright sunlight) I didn't intend to at first but as I was getting close to the end of Floor 2 realised I could probably keep below 100 positions. I was doing the showcase free of charge for a charity anyway and just about managed it with 96 scans and 3 outside, I wouldn't have minded if it was way over but didn't want to pay a premium for 1 or 2 scan positions. I did have a couple of issues as the door beams are very low in places and wasn't sure of the correct distance apart - my capture said I should rescan closer. I tried to keep to one scan position where two doorways angled closely, I don't know if I should have really kept it dead centre and a certain distance away from each doorway at the detriment of having two overlapping scan circles? I tried to add windows when they were showing up but some might have been added to late. I'm going to work out my starting position and highlight reel tomorrow. (I can't see why the 360view can't zoom out ultra wide on the showcase like it can when you take a snapshot). With hindsight I wish I'd taken some of the positions in more of a 'walk-through' straight line but I was trying to centre on the features such as fireplaces, tables, furniture, or windows. What are your thoughts? Should I be using more positions to improve the quality of the scan and then remove individual ones in dashboard to improve the flow? Will this improve the dolls-house views? Should I have used one standard scan just outside the entrance? The scan took about 3.5 hrs which included holding my head in my hands for 10 minutes after bumping it on a low beam when walking looking down at my iPad (found my first occupational hazard) That's enough questions:) - Here's the space,



  • @Sitimms

    Welcome to Matterport!

    I think you did a great job for your second scan. It gets easier with experience on how to overcome issues during and afterwards.

    The dollhouse looks complete to me, so I think you did a great job. You said something about going in a straight line. I try to keep the scans as straight as possible and do 90* turns but sometimes that isn't feasible. I would not go over and look out window but that is me. If there is something out there, go outside and scan it or use 360's.

    Another thing I noticed is that it seemed like the camera is a little high. It could be the low doorways?

    Overall it is a great scan and everyone will be happy with it. This looks like a very difficult scan for being new. You are going to be harder on yourself than anyone else, so whatever you think you can improve on, just try it next time.

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  • @justincolbyvaughn Thanks for the feedback, I will take your advice on the windows next time and good point on the height (I can see that now), I set the top of the camera to 5ft 6 which is exactly the bottom of my nose:) as I find this an easy and quick way of measuring, I thought this was a good average height but maybe I should have lowered it a little considering the low door frames etc. The museum was so happy with the results that they are actually worried that nobody will want to visit if it goes on their website. I might have to copy the space and create a restricted taster view just for the website. It would be great if we could restrict certain parts of the scan free of charge as I still would like to show the full showcase to my clients (or is this possible and I just don't know?) They are going to purchase an iPad and mount it on a stand as a way of displaying the upstairs to disabled visitors that would normally miss the whole of the upstairs.

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  • Hello Simon,

    The only current method for you to create the "restricted taster" you refer to, would be to re-upload the space from the capture application a second time. The good news is that at this time there is no fee for re-processing existing spaces, so this would be "free of charge".



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