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Hello everyone,

I'd like to know more about the benefits of Matterport specifically to real estate agents. Generally the benefits of using Matterport enable agents to stand out amongst the crowd, provide people with the means to review their properties whenever they want, and it increases their likelihood of getting their properties sold faster. Though I'd like to know, where can I go to review some official statistics which indicate if using Matterport really did increase the chances of a property being sold, and if so, but how much? Thanks! 



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  • It is hard to really put a number on how fast they sell or did it really help sell the house?

    I honestly have one agent that has gotten several listings just because she uses Matterport and it impresses the home owner. Most realtors go to a listing appointment and tell the same thing other realtors told them. You have to stand out, so it does help winning listings.

    I have another agent that sold a house sight unseen because they looked at it from a single property website I put together for her.

    Someone might tell you numbers but it really depends on how hard the agent is going to work it. I have done tours in the past that literally gets 20 views and others gets 1000's. The one with 20 views sells within days and one with 1000's sits on market for months. So, I would find it difficult to put numbers on it.

    i hope this helps!

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