Big Malls


We have an opportunity to scan a big mall in St Petersburg Russia.

What kind of experiences do you have about these kind of scan?

- the mall including the shops are of course too big to scan

- how about scanning one floor at a time excluding (cutting off) the shops from the doll-house view making the mall look like a donut in doll-house view

- linking shops to the presentation through tags in the mall scan

Anybody has any experience?







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  • Though I don't have any personal experience with malls, I have seen a few mall Spaces.  I would recommend you make sure there isn't too much sunlight coming in if there is a lot of glass on the roof.  That could lead to misalignment. 

    If you are dealing with multiple floors, complete the entire first floor first.  If that already puts you at close to 200 scans, you may want to scan the second floor, assuming there is one, using a new model in Capture. 

    Hopefully someone with actual mall scanning experience can chime in too :)

    Best of luck with the scan. 

    - Amir

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