Allow 360 View Levelling in Workshop

Matterport Showcase automatically levels our 360 Panos in times when our tripod wasn't perfectly level.  It's one of the magical things about the Matterport platform.  

We move through our 3D spaces like a hamster in a ball.  The panos are wrapped around the inside of the sphere and as we move through the 3D space, they cross fade and mix with the mesh creating the most amazing illusion of motion.  It's incredible.

As the panoramas are projected to our hamster ball in a 3D space, the platform automatically understands if the tripod wasn't level by comparing our 3D data to the rest of the model.  It automatically rotates the sphere so that it is consistent.  It's magic, it's amazing, and it's just one more thing that Matterport achieved that many of us may take for granted.

BUT.  It doesn't work for 360 Views.  Why?  Because there's no 3D space, therefore, no way to automatically level the sphere.

HOWEVER.  There's still a sphere, and it's still projected the same way.  

I WOULD LIKE to be able to control and level the sphere -- BECAUSE -- I either I am terrible at levelling, or my tripod's bubble level is unreliable.



I believe this feature would be incredible and the UI for it would be quite intuitive and easy to understand.




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