VR Dissapointment

I am quite dissapointed about what the VR adoption of Matterport has turned to.

All the benefits that Matterport made it a special solution (which set Matterpart apart from way cheaper standard 360°-camera and toursolutions) are completely removed from Matterport VR.

You removed the possibility of a fly-through completely, that what makes the desktop/web-browser version so special. There is absolutely NO sense of depth in VR, there is no 3D model whatsoever, no depth-sensing-transitions anymore. By just fading to black this is the same quality as with every (much cheaper) 360°-tour-solution with standard cameras.

You mentioned that your users has given feedback about "motion sickness", actually, WE are your paying users, why not let us decide (and give us the option to decide for ourselves).

There are no Mattertags whatsoever. So besides not using helpful addon informations and having no equal solution (speaking of content) between the desktop and VR version, there is also no way of using a turnaround to overcome a >200 scan solution by connecting them via Mattertags, as suggested by your staff (for the desktop), such a severe inconsistency on plattforms is inacceptable.

VR is a powerful and important feature for marketing these days (you know that, because you emphasize it in your ads, too, but the way you implemented is really low and looses all strength of Matterport.

I also think it is quite distracting to see that you decide what features are important to us and just take them out (for other reasons maybe), what is next? 

I urge every user who share these thoughts to let Matterport know by adding them to this post, so they probably think twice about it.



  • Well said.

    Matterport's VR is attuned to a "photo slideshow" put to music and calling that a virtual tour. I don't even show my listing clients an example of Matterport's VR because it looses the "magic" they just experienced with the tour I showed them. Matterport's VR  downgrades the experience. It's a letdown.

    Who is going to pay $20 later on when Matterport charges us for VR ready tours for this no so really VR experience.

    VR should take the experience they had seen on an iPad/computer, etc ... and UP TO A WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL and not be a fancy "slide show" pressed against our foreheads. The only thing missing is the music.

  • Hello 360DE and Jeff, 

    Thank you for your feedback regarding our CoreVR offering. It is greatly appreciated.

    I want to let you know that while it may not look like it right away, your feedback has been heard, and we are actively working to address all of the points you and many others have brought up (here and elsewhere). 

    We are working on Mattertags for VR.  It has been a long process. One that has taken far longer than any of us have wanted, but it is also not easy as it may look.  Readable text in VR is actually rather difficult. User generated, readable text, in 3d space, on mobile devices, with images, and videos, and so many other things, in VR, at scale, is unheard of. I know it is frustrating. But I assure you, no one is more frustrated than I am at the current pace of progress. 

    Beyond Mattertags, we are working on other new features to address the ability to navigate large Spaces in VR quickly without the need of setting up special Mattertags to jump around the scene.  I hope to have more on this very soon. 

    As for the current "fade to black" transitions" of CoreVR. We are looking to see what we can do to improve these.  For the comfort of all of our users, it is very unlikely we will go to a full "fly-through" style of navigation, but we are looking at ways to increase the immersiveness without sacrificing user comfort.

    I hope this information helps, and I thank you again for your feedback. 


    Keith Schaffer

    Product Manager Matterport VR

  • I totally agree, the VR is useless now. It cannot be called Virtual Reality, its a sequence of  360  stills.

  • I totally agree, the VR is useless now. It cannot be called Virtual Reality, its a sequence of  360  stills.

  • I totally agree, the VR is useless now. It cannot be called Virtual Reality, its a sequence of  360  stills.

  • I'm thrilled with the astonishing technology that is the Matterport. And so are my clients. And then you create the 3D Pro. 3D!! That's when I bought in. But it's a head shaker that you're stumped to write an VR app to immerse our clients in. Sounds like your app team isn't being given the resources and commitment by Matterport to write a great app OR maybe the team needs to be replaced. I'm inclined to believe it's the former. I just DL'd some spaces onto my Samsung Gear VR. Thank god I didn't hype that to my clients. I would have looked like an ass. Whites over-blown, an image populated with ugly blue dots and there's even a room I can't navigate into. No tags can be displayed. What would be another strong selling point, you've dropped he ball on the VR app. I can appreciate the challenges writing code in VR, but when I think of what had to be accomplished to create this technology, I not convinced by the assertion, "you have no idea how hard it is". And while I'm commenting, Workshop's capabilities and UI is an exercise in what not to do when creating a web-based utility/editor. Better it was a stand alone app where I have to pay a subscription to see true functionality developed.  I'll address that in the appropriate section. Still, love the camera.

  • I got this camera specifically because it promised the ability to have VR. What you have right now is point to point 360 stills. How is that VR? I was telling all my clients that if they will use VR set than they will feel like they are really there. They would be able to browse the house almost like in real life. couple of days ago I tried to browse one of my models and it was a HUGE disappointment. It is not VR experience at all. I could create something like that with my Samsung 360 camera that I got for FREE when I bought my phone. I paid substantial amount of money for the camera etc. and for what? for this joke? Few of my friends wanted to buy these cameras as well for their real estate companies, not anymore. The main selling point of my presentations was VR. Now I am not mentioning VR aspect of it, even worse I am scared that my potential clients will try it themselves and not deal with me at all. If someone would come to me talking about VR and then show me one of your models, I would never deal with this person again. I would think that he is either a liar or crazy, because it is NOT VR it's bunch of 360 stills. You guys need to fix it ASAP.    

  • Totally agree.

    Here I copy what I sent as my "improvement idea" without reading this:

    Is there any possibility to go forward or backward when I use the Samsung Gear Matterport app, using the Samsung Gear controller or a Wireless Gaming Controller for example instead of using the uncomfortable and slow color circles?

    The main strength of Matterport was how it flows, and we are losing it at the Matterport VR app.


  • Hello Matterport. Are you planning to fix this problem? If you really care about your clients, as you claim, give us a choice between different methods of viewing of VR models. Have a switch in the program, so ppl can choose between point to point or fly through mod. You already have it in yout matterport program, but it doesn't work. Please fix it asap.

  • Greetings All, 

    There appears to be some confusion on this subject.

    Fly-through transitions, have never been supported by our CoreVR Spaces. This is not a recent change, this is how it has always been.  

    At one time Matterport offer two very different VR experiences at two very different prices: CustomVR and CoreVR. 

    CustomVR Spaces, were our original VR offering. They were manually processed by a team of Artists to ensure optimal performance in VR. This was a fairly labor intensive process that required many hours of work per Space. This process was rather costly and did not scale. As such, CustomVR Spaces were considered a premium services and prices accordingly. Addionally, they often had long turn around time of 2-4 weeks. CustomVR Spaces offered "fly-through" style transitions that some early users found very appealing. Many other uses, however, found that after the first 20 or so seconds of "wow" fly-through style navigation was rather uncomfortable and caused a fair amount of motion sickness.

    Our second, much more popular, VR offering is CoreVR. It is with CoreVR that we were first able to truly offer VR to all of our customers. Using a ridiculous amount of ingenious coding, CoreVR Spaces are procedurally generated. Because of this, we are able to create CoreVR Spaces faster, cheaper, and at scale. Currently, every Matterport Space is converted to CoreVR for free. CoreVR Spaces have always used "fade-to-black" style of navigation.  This is not a recent change, this has always been the default settings for CoreVR.

    While some feel that "fade-to-black" navigation is not as 'flashy' as "fly-though" navigation, we have done a lot of user testing with this, and most users actually prefer "fade-to-black" and end up spending a lot more time viewing a larger number of Spaces in VR with these settings vs "fly-through" style navigation. 

    The change we made in our VR apps back in July of this year only affected the default setting within our VR apps. The actually settings to individual VR Spaces were unchanged. CustomVR Spaces still support "fly-through" navigation as they always have. Users are free to override the default settings at any time by going to the Options menu within the Matterport VR app. This does not change the fact that only CustomVR Spaces support fly-though navigation. CoreVR Spaces never supported "fly-through" navigation. 

    All of this said, back in September we  suspended CustomVR conversion for new Spaces for the time being. While we will continue to support CustomVR Spaces that have already been converted, the decision was made to put the creations of new CustomVR Spaces on hold in order to focus development resources on other VR features for now.  We did this for several reasons most notably: 

    1.  No demand for CustomVR. 

    In the six month prior to suspending CustomVR conversion, we had only two customers order CustomVR Spaces.... two. As mentioned above, CustomVR is extremely labor intensive and as such the price per space was quite high. Regardless of the quality of a product, if no one is willing to buy, then it just did not make sense to continue to offer it. 

    2. Expensive to maintain the CustomVR pipeline. 

    Supporting CustomVR actually cost a fair amount of time and resources on our end. We had to build and maintain tools that allowed us to create CustomVR Spaces.  As we updated our Matterport Spaces with new features, we had to update these tools as well.  There was significant cost associated with this.  Additionally, time and effort put into maintaining these tools took away from other projects such as Floor Plan Navigation, and WebVR.

    While CustomVR is not likely to return any time soon, we are working to add more functionality and immersiveness to our VR offering in other ways.  Floor Plan Navigation for our VR apps is the first of many features we have planned for 2018.  

    Next up is bring this functionality to WebVR, then we will be working on Mattertags for WebVR.  We don't have exact dates for these yet, but this the short term road map for VR as of right now. 

    I hope this information helps. 


    Keith S. 

    Product Manager Matterport VR

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