Moving 360 photos or snaps to another space

I have added more 360 photos to an existing model and uploaded again.  It has created a new space in your system even though its the same one on the iPad.  Maybe its because I renamed the space in the cloud version.  Anyway I want to add the new 360 photos to the original upload because the initial upload now has all the titles corrected.   Thank you



  • If you change a model name it will obviously create a new model.

    Assuming by 360 photos you mean addition scans then if you re-upload a model with those additions it loses all the titles, Mattertags and slide tours previously added so you'll have to start again.

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  • Hi Ian,

    Yes, David is right.  Every time you upload model data from your Capture app to your cloud account, a new Space is created.  It doesn't matter if you changed anything or nothing at all in the model data itself, a new Space will always be created.  You can read more about this here.

    - Amir

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