What happens if Matterport goes bust - Official Matterport response please.

What legal/ tour protection is there for Matterport Service Partner and our customers if Matterport goes into receivership/ has a dispute with one or, all owners or, if Matterport sells to another company?



  • Any comments Matterport ?

  • Good question!

    They just updated the legals: see here https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115008755628--9-6-17-Newsletter-Exciting-new-features-blog-posts-and-more-

    Besides that they formatted everything so bad that it´s nearly not readable, due to the reasons of the contents, they also made it so complex that you a lawyer needs 1 week to check it. How many of us MSP´s can afford this?

    IMO we as Users and MSP´s must have all control and own all captured data even after Matterport. We paid and so I don´t see any reason why we should need to delete all "generated" data out of our productions when MP is quitting for whatever reason. For us in europe this is the biggest hurdle to make any serious business and earn money with MP.

  • This is something ive recently being thinking about, should i add a disclaimer to my quotes?!

    very concerned as to why Matterport have decided not to reply!

  • Yah, looking forward for a response from Matterport.

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