Use Bluetooth for Remote Control

On the subject of Bluetooth again, it might be useful in some situations to have a remote control to start a scan.

I use the recommended iPad case with shoulder strap and often just tap the scan button on my hip as I know where I am going. A little fob would be cool especially if Matterport came up with a way to pause a scan mid way to help us with avoiding foot traffic



  • Hey there Chris,

    Thought your post was very insightful, so I've decided to follow you...


    My first thought on this type of functionality is to develop a software solution bridge integration for our smart phones in the way of a downloadable app. Spotify has achieved this type of remote control  between  two devices. 

    Great post idea for improved performance on what can be a very repetitive process when capturing a space.

    Cheers Chris 





  • @noelsamaai Beyond a remote control for starting the scan using a custom app, or dongle, what else would it be able to do?  :)  I feel like there's something to this idea... but beyond 'SCAN' and 'POWER OFF' I'm not too sure what it would be.

    It really depends what the camera is currently able to tell the capture app.  Right now, it seems that all control is in 'Capture', however, what if Capture was able to get directions directly from the camera?  Perhaps the camera could be told to shoot a '360 View' only and a bluetooth connected remote could quickly snap a 360 view without the need to swap around ...

    I might be chasing a silly idea, but I think there's something here...

  • the options are endless and quite a good idea with the remote. 


  • Could open a door to robotic dollys and autonomous scanning...

  • Can confirm this.

    When I scanned the Vienna Albertina Passage (, a club where everything from audio to orders works via WiFi it took me ages to scan as the iPad-Cam-Connection dropped every 3-5 minutes and it took about 10-15 minutes to reconnect.

    We didn´t found out the reason, but a "start scan" button on the cam or via another remote would have been very useful in this situation.

  • @Marcus Believe it or not, I had this happen at a floor / tile store!  What I discovered was that I could setup the camera, run to the parking lot, then charge in the store and hit scan and run back outside, then run back in to catch it before whatever was interferring got in the way.  Longest scan ever :)

    The Pro-2 is on 5GHZ - so I would suspect that it has less problems :)

  • Hmmm - is there a form I can add lost hours and charge Matterport for, when their product is not working like promised?

    Have a look at that "feature":

    PS: If you document it, it's not a bug -- it's a feature

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