Use Bluetooth as backup connection method

An MSP recently shared online that he was receiving a WiFi Connection error on both of his Matteport Pro-2 cameras.  While Matterport will likely help him out and resolve his issue, I cannot help but think that the built-in Bluetooth connection would be a WONDERFUL redundant secondary method of connecting and transferring data in a situation where there is hardware failure - or a rare situation where wifi simply refuses to connect due to interference (I've been there on my Pro-1!)

What do you guys think?



  • Bluetooth could work, but might be very slow transferring the data to the iPad after each scan, 

  • @JC3DCX - I'm not aware of how slow Bluetooth is -- that's a very good point.  Most of the Bluetooth usage I'm familiar with is audio streams and remote control.

  • @Chris Hickman, :-) 

    I believe it will be something MP will look into or have looked into. 

    BT2 is still slow and widely used in "older" equipment and typical data transfer speed is about 3Mb/s

    BT3 is about 24Mb/s (released 2009)

    BT4 is also about 24Mb/s  (BT4, 4.1, 4.2 released 2010-214)

    BT5 (released 2016) is about 50Mb/s

    BT speed will depend on the capabilities of both devices and the older device will dictate the speed.

    WiFi is 250Mb/s and more, 

  • Although I've not had a WiFi connection issue yet, I subconsciously hold my breath every time I start up my Pro-1. I'm not sure what the most cost effective solution might be but the idea on a backup way to connect to our camera to get the job done would definitely add incredible trust in our professional 3D Matterport Cameras :-).

    Cheers all, and Happy Scanning!

    Noel of iTour Studios 

  • So, would you accept a very slow transfer rate as a backup vs nothing?  I think I would :)

  • I would use it as a backup connection and with the technology advancing it is becoming more viable. Hope MP will look into it. :-) 

    It should be a manual selection to switch between WiFi and BT. 


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