Is there a need for Matterport to upload a "recommended pricing" document online?

Dear Matterport,

I am a new MSP and very excited to bring Matterport to my country.  

During my scanning sessions, some curious eyes would ask me what is this camera and I would happily mention about Matterport. Some of them said "great, will google and find out more on the price and services." 

So, I did a random search "price of Matterport services" and found your "recommended pricing" PDF on the 1st page of Google - 

MSPs are all over the world. Everyone's market is different. Every MSPs have their own business model, with their own packages and pricing that they feel most sustainable for their business. It is their own business strategies. 

However, is it really necessary for Matterport to provide such a "recommend pricing" list, and worst, to upload it online to be easily found on Google 1st page? 

Google does not upload such "recommended pricing" document online for their GSV trusted photographers. This is why many photographers are proud and happy to continue to promote GSV services. And to display the GSV badge prominently on their websites. 

The next time my clients or curious people ask me about the camera, I will probably stop mentioning your Matterport brand and just say it is the state-of-the-art technology in 3D Virtual Tour. 



  • Hi @Jack S!

    Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

    This document was created and intended for MSPs only, to use as a reference point but unfortunately somehow got shared out. We are frequently asked about pricing structures and as such, we created this document earlier this year (for MSPs) to help answer these questions. The data came directly from people seeking scans, who provided information on what they were quoted and what they paid. We have always encouraged MSPs to determine a pricing structure that best fits their market, location, and audience and thought that it would be helpful to provide the actual data that we had accumulated from the actual buyers.

    The document was placed in the password protected member portal, intended to be accessible only to MSPs, but somehow unbeknownst to me, was shared out. I am working to update the privacy settings and prevent this from displaying in any form of search. I can assure you that it is not our intention that this be accessible via search or any other method and has never been used by us in any outbound marketing campaigns.

    Thank you,


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  • Thank you so much Kelly.

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  • Can I still get a copy of this document to put my own pricing in?

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