Ability to blur people faces and confidential items etc

I understand it is not currently possible to edit or blur specific panorama imagery in 3D Showcase.

Am doing some scans in commercial spaces right now. And a big headache are the clients' visitors, customers and their tenants in the premises. Most people do not wish to have their faces in the 3D virtual tour, however we cannot cause any inconvenience to them. So just have to wait and hope for a right time where everyone is out of sight for 1 minute.

Right now, I am stucked for the past hour waiting for this 1 minute opportunity.

Uploading 360 images to Google Street View allows blurring of people faces and sensitive information in the premises etc.

Would really hope Matterport would have this blurring feature soonest.

Thank you.



  • I'm going to chime in here and suggest a selectable setting to automatically blur (for those situations where you want all the faced blurred), and to manually blur (for those situations where you want no faced blurred or some faces blurred).  I would suggest that this selection is included in Workshop, because this seems to be a post-processing fuction.

    Some of the most interesting spaces have included people (I saw one of a fashion design office that included multiple people - but in almost all shots, the MSP included the same person).

    Selectability is something that most features in the Capture app or in Workshop should have.  It empowers Matterport users to make the most use of the technology.  Users come from many different industries, with different backgrounds, and different levels of understanding.  Giving those users options (and possibly defaulting to the "easiest" settings) is the best way to achieve empowerment.

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  • Hi @Jack S

    In your workflow, do you think you would have face-blurring on automatically (e.g. blur all detectable faces), or would you want to choose them specifically?

    When selecting an area or face to blur, do you see yourself doing that within Capture, within Workshop, or both?



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  • Hi Kirk,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Just my personal opinion. I would probably do this within Workshop. It is nice if system can detect faces and allow us to select the options whether to "auto blur" all faces or to "manually" blur them on our own. "Manual" option would also allow us to blur certain "confidential" or "sensitive" items caught in the scans.

    For example, some office spaces now are very "open concept" and everyone is working openly or inside clear glass partitioned rooms. Everything on their computer screens and walls would be taken by the Matterport camera. In a recent job, I had a concerned tenant who keep checking my iPad to make sure nothing confidential is scanned. This scenario occurs when the Owner/Landlord wanted to scan their occupied premises to market for lease/sale, but we have to ensure any inconvenience caused to their existing tenants is minimized. 

    In general, I trust all cases are different. All clients and MSPs may have their own requirements and preference too. As such, think it is good to have "Options" for us to select instead of "Auto" detect and blur. 


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  • I would like to reinforce the need to get this as our competitors are all proposing this functionalities, I will see it with 

    1) an option to detect faces automatically and blur them 

    2) an option allowing during the preview of a scan to select an area when we preview of the panoramic and blur it 

    3) in our workshop engine, have the same functionalities to BLUR confidential information like a Plate of a car or some paper on the wall that has not been removed accidentally .



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