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Hi everyone- 

We wanted to update you on the current status of Matterport’s Google Street View Beta Program. While the team is actively working on this integration, we are sorry to say that for a variety of reasons we will not have an active Beta program by the end of summer as initially expected. We apologize for the delay and are doing everything we can to launch the program as soon as possible.

We currently expect to open a functional Beta program by this coming winter and will provide more details about a launch timeline in the fall. We recognize the valuable opportunity Street View publication brings to our new and existing customers. The delay is as disappointing to you as it is to us.

Our Street View team follows this forum very actively and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you again, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!




  • # disappointed :(

  • Thanks for the update and yes that's disappointing.

  • Kirk, 


    Thank you for the update. Also, as there been any progress with working with Airbnb?

    I look forward to the future! 



  • I can completely understand the difficulties with providing a robust and reliable platform at this current time.  

    Panoskin, who recently received 'Street View Workflow Ready' status recently sent out an e-mail to their customers that explained some common issues that people are experiencing.  I can only imagine that if GSV publishing had already launched, Matterport would be VERY VERY busy attempting to support people, but not being able to actually solve any problems.

    Keep up the good work!



    P.S. In the meantime, is it kosher to use 360 Snapshots and manually moderate GSV tours?

  • Thanks for the update - I will have to change my website and marketing materials. Can't wait for it to come out.  Always thought that summer was an ambitious goal timeline. Lot's of moving parts with Google I am sure....hopefully winter for sure.

  • Always best to under-promise and over-deliver...

  • If there's no conflict with Matterport's TOS, a 3rd party can use the 360 Snapshots feature to export their panos and moderate using another platform as a stop-gap solution.

    I'm considering offering this in the meantime to other MSPs as I have needed to find a way to provide GSV to my clients while waiting for Matterport's magical turn-key process!  Moderating massive tours like only Matterport can create is VERY VERY VERY tedious.  The automation promised by Matterport will be most welcome when it's ready!

  • The 360 panos from a Pro1 dont meet Google's minimum requirements, what are the dimensions from a 360 pano taken with the Pro2?

  • James - They don't meet the requirements for gaining credits towards Google Trusted. They can be oversampled (ewww) and then when Matterport's GSV publishing is available, the tour can be replaced.

    The problem is that many MSPs want to publish 'This Summer' and have promised clients.  I'm thinking of a stop gap solution.

    We could ask Matterport to increase 360 Snapshot Size :)

  • I usually use my Panono for GSV as it produces either 8192x4096 or 16384x8192 panos, most of my clients expect high Res even for their Street View Tours. Most clients want a 3D model and GSV so having to use 2 cameras is a pain!
    Hope Matterport sorts this soon.

  • We are greatly looking forward to getting to test this! This will be a great asset to our Campus for tours and mapping! Hope you guys get it all figured out!

  • MP could deliver 8192x4096 I guess, even with the Pro1.

  • @MarcusMorba - Correct, and 16384x8192 for Pro-2.  GSV claims to have a max of 100MP (15000x7500) although you can submit higher (not sure if Google downscales)

  • I don't understand why we are being told the beta program is being delayed when there are existing Matterport spaces within Google Street View. There are business's in my area that have Matterport tours within GSV. How is this?

  • Interesting, can you post a link to one of those businesses?

  • ^^^ That's a DSLR (reflected)

  • Was going to say doesnt look like Matterport to me, good spot Chris.

  • I went and spoke with the owner. He said a guy from Oahu with a Matterport did the scan. 

  • do you have another example?

  • Mark, take a close look in the reflection of the mirror.  It's a Canon DSLR.  It's not a Matterport.

    Regardless, a good MSP buddy of mine exports 360 Snapshots and posts them to GSV in South Africa.  So, perhaps returning to the subject of 'how is it that someone might have posted a Matterport tour to GSV when Matterport's solution isn't available?

    Answer: You can post to GSV using many different tools.  Matterport is building a turnkey solution that will be faster and more accurate than any of these tools as it will use panorama placements and connections that are automatically detected by the same tech that powers our tours.  While Matterport has finished most of the infrastructure for this and is quite ready to launch -- it is my understanding from what I've seen and inferred, that the platform is simply not reliable enough to launch.

    I can infer reasons for unreliability from the recent e-mail from Panoskin, as well as from my knowledge of the tools that GoThru has on their platform for viewing and 'repairing' tours that did not publish as expected.  It is reasonable to assume that Matterport want to be able to reliably publish tours to GSV and until this can be accomplished, the platform will be delayed while the team works hard to find any solutions it can to ensure that what is released is a quality product.

    This is all my inference.  I have no contact with Matterport's GSV developers.

  • Agree with Chris - Clearly, that's not a Matterport scan.

  • The second tour does not have any camera reflections, however, the imagery does not appear to be from a Matterport.  I hate to say this, but the images are seamless, wherein Matterport images have a few glitches here and there that you can find if you are combing them closely.

    Now, if you do click on the photographer's name and view his other tours to hunt for camera relections - you'll find them.

    Below is his most recent tour, with the same exact setup - a canon DSLR with a strap hanging down.

  • Thank you Chris.

    I believe you are correct.

    Not sure what to think about this...need to put some more thought into it, like is Matterport worth it.


  • I also read somewhere that the delay is more to do with Googles lack of reliability.

    I use Tourmake to edit my GSV's and ive recently experienced issues with the linking.

    If you follow the comments on the GoThru Facebook page they seem to be having loads of trouble.

  • Sorry but who the heck is so unprofessional to not only leave that awful reflection in a dslr pano but to compound it by having a strap in there as well?

    Playing hell with my professional OCD.

    Sorry as you where.... 🙁

  • @David This guy's stuff is pretty good compared to some.  Many people wander around with a Ricoh Theta S and get all sorts of things in their shoots and don't edit a single bit.

    With Matterport to Google Street View, we aren't going to get the option to edit our panos at all as it's turn-key.  So if you've got a camera reflected in a window ... well ... hopefully you can select to not include it :)

  • When the the issues are resolved i believe it will be a great GSV camera, most of the time i spend editing tours is taken in the linking, if Matterport is going to do this for me i will be very pleased.

  • @Chris Hickman. yea I know his stuff is OK but that sort of lack of attention to detail just grates with me especially as all it takes is a bit of effort in Photoshop to clean things up. but that said I've been told on numerous I'm overly critical of my imagery.  Don't get me started on 'quality' of some of the 360° images that are starting to appear. :-(

    I accept that the images aren't editable on the Matterport so I can live with that. I attempt to place the camera where the reflections are minimized where possible or as you say scan and then omit a position with a reflection of possible.

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