Double Scan (overlapping 3D scan with 2D photo)

Hello, I'm currently working with a restaurant and had this weird idea: what if I scan double the building, the first goes to the 3D, the second one only captures 2D.

What for? Easy, I know it has been said that spaces should have the least movement/people as possible. Therefore, the first scan would be for the blank space, the skeleton, the furniture and so on.

But what if I want the waiter or the owner to come along and appear with me (a "random" client) at the shots? This would be extremely fun as each new scan will have us in a new different position, we would walk and move along the camera and it will unfold in a story telling fashion.

At first thought of scanning with us moving and have that as the only and final scan, but wouldn't that mess the 3D?

Meeting with the client today to explore these and new possibilities, hope someone might guide me wisely.



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  • Omar Barragan  This is a bit late but the one problem with creating the 2nd Space that may be encountered, depending on how many people & where they are located is getting scans to align.  Placing objects (people) into an existing scan makes alignment more difficult due to changes in the data

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