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Hi all - Just wondering if any one has tested out Matterport's advice on scanning for 2D snapshots while on site (see best practise document here). Does anyone, including Matterport, have a tour they are willing to share that is scanned entirely with the tripod set to the 4Ft tripod height recommended at option A?

Matterport: It would be really helpful if you were able to include links in the document to a space scanned at 4ft and then again at the normal 5ft so we could see the difference.

For Option B, I assume that as you are suggesting scanning at two separate heights that once the (lower) snapshots are downloaded that you would then disabled those scan points in workshop? Otherwise navigating would be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Unfortunately disabling those scan points would then mean that the highlight reel couldn't be created using those images and that you would have to create a second round of 'higher' snapshots. Is that right, or am I getting myself all muddled up here?



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  • I view a Matterport tour for what I believe its primary purpose is - a 3D virtual tour.  The photography is part of the information the tour provides.  The other part is the 3D information on which the photography is overlaid.

    I've seen tours shot at a height that would result in better 2D photography.  The result is the viewer is traversing the model right about the height of a child.  I don't walk through a physical space with my head at that height, and a majority of adults don't either.

    If you want to create photographs from your Matterport scans, you should either shoot them at a different height than your 3D tour, or you should use an editing tool to manipulate the photos.  I don't have experience with Photoshop, but I tried editing a single photo, and it only took a few minutes.  It might be a more effective use of time to use this method for 2D photos than to try to rescan.

    If you choose to shoot for 2D photos, one option is to simply add locations and do 360s instead of standard 3D scans.  With this method, you don't have to hide the scan locations because 360s don't have location information.

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  • @Chrisandkaren Mang

    Thanks so much for your input

    You raise a good point here... "I view a Matterport tour for what I believe its primary purpose is - a 3D virtual tour." However a client of mine is keen to have images downloaded as separate files, so I'm just trying to kill two birds with one stone, in the most time efficient way possible and still produce a great 3D Tour along with good stills.

    The 360s are a good suggestion and would allow me to set the tripod at a different height for stills without creating additional (lower) scan points that need to be disabled. Although I would still need to create a second round of snapshots if I wanted to create a highlight reel otherwise it would be full of 360s. 

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  • I hope my input gave you some good options to consider.

    You'll definitely need to create separate snapshots for your tour.  Tour snapshots and 2D phots have a completely different function.

    If you use panning in your tour (meaning, you don't turn it off with a URL parameter), your tour snapshots should not be centered on that which you hope to highlight.  As the viewer moves through the tour, and traverses to the next tour location, the highlight of that location should be in the middle of the pan.  Your snapshot should then be to the left or right of the highlight so that the panning takes the viewer across the highligh (and you don't spend an inordinate amount of time panning across a less-than-desirable part of the pan like a wall).

    Your 2D snapshots, however, SHOULD be centered on the highlight.

    The end result is shooting for 3D, and shooting for 2D at a lower height.   I recommend doing all your 3D scanning first, then go back and do your 360s.  This will ensure your tripod height is more consistent for the resulting 3D tour.  You could have two tripods at different heights as an alternative.  Carefully move the camera between the two when your shot requires it.

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