Hexagon & Matterport

For me this is the best MP news since a while:


- Looks like the SDK is very close
- New functionality which really looks awesome

Hope to get my hands on this solution in germany at Intergeo, Expo Real or BIM World and discuss the above topics with the press and experts. I´m sure they will love it. Really can´t wait to test it on our captures and offer this in germany asap. Munich is a good place for this.

Well done, my biggest respect & congrats to Matterport and Multivista.



  • Thanks Marcus!

    Stay tuned for more.... and you'll definitely see us at Intergeo!

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  • This is good news.  @Tomer-Poran, any plans to open up the Matterport SDK and APIs to the Matterport community?  I know that you are offering this on an invitational basis but as a software developer myself, I would love to be able to develop my own add-ons to benefit the community and also my own customers.  Kind Regards, Gordon

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  • Hey Gordon! We would love to do that, but at this stage there is a lot of technical support needed for the SDK, and we are limited with the level of support we can offer. That is definitely the intention after we smooth it out with some key partners. 

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  • @Tomer Poran - any updates?

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  • Sure!


    Go here to sign up for early access.

    We are rolling out in small batches, but shouldn't be too long of a wait.

    Looking forward to see what you guys do with it!

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