• No - don´t believe bad informed journalists.

    Tango is not away: "It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean Tango is going away completely… it’s just being rebranded. Google isn’t ditching any of its fancy depth sensors or cameras it developed for the Tango platform. Google AR/VR boss Clay Bavor adds".

  • Compare it to the situation with Glasses. It will now focus more on pro apps and not the consumer market as just there are not enough devices on the market.

    Wait 3-4 years and then you will see rising it again.

  • After some discussions with others we have agreed that yes: Tango is dead

    But the tech in this project will find its way into to other Google projects but maybe not with the name Tango. Nevertheless for Pro Products it could still be interesting. At the moment there are just not enough devices supporting it and due to Google´s new approach the future is very unknown.

  • I would not be surprised at ALL if Matterport has not already known about this development and has not already been working hard to keep 'Spaces' alive by supporting both legacy Tango devices and new ARKit and ARCore (iOS) devices.

  • I'll assume that by "Spaces" you're referring to Matterport Scenes.

    All that Google has announced is that they have a new SDK call ARCore, and that Tango will be included within it. Tango's "death" is in name only.

    Scenes is (and will continue to be) available in the Google Play store.

  • Just to be clear...Tango still works on the Asus and Lenovo phones, and should continue to work.

    Matterport Scenes is still available for these phones, and will continue to be. It still provides "amazing" (- Ars Technica) 3D capture capabilities, and will continue to do so.

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