Download 2D pictures or 360

can't open zip files to see pictures.  Neither iPhone,iPod or computer can open or convert to view.  Any apps or programs I need install to b able to view or  save. Thanks 



  • Hi Luis,

    We can't recommend any 3rd party unzip softwares, however any Mac or PC should have the capability to unzip files.  iPhone or iPad is not equipped to unzip files, please download and open zip files in your desktop or laptops.

    If you still have any trouble to open zip files, please send your inquiry to   We'll be able to look into your spec of your machine more in detail and troubleshoot with you if needed.  



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  • @luis naranjo

    Have you ever unzipped them before from Matterport?

    I would download them again and give it another try. I use a PC. When they appear in left corner, I open it up. It shows what all is in there and I have an extract button. I just push extract and have it go to desktop.

    If you want, forward them to me and I will try. I will not be in front of my computer for a few hours but will be glad to open them and send it back by Dropbox or email.

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