Adding a Logo


is it possible to add a logo to the bottom right corner of the Matterport Model?

A client of mine (a property development company) would like me to add his logo to the Models.




  • this  is possible as some are succeeding to do it , my customer is requesting me the same 

  • Would you be able to post an example of this?

  • Hi James
    This MSP has succeed to make LOGO at the bottom Left of the screen.
    If you find the tip to do it , I will be eager to know how to do it .
    Thanks by advance .
    Be the Force with you  ;)
    I'm french see my website :
  • I've seen it done like this before, it's not within the model, but looks like an intro added to the start. I think it looks very good, hope to find out how to do it!

  • I was wondering the same thing!

  • Here is the solution : 

  • Pricey, could be worth it though.

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