360 Views Mattertags and Back Button - it's about time.

Hey Guys.

Many of us scan our indoor spaces with 3D Views and use 360 Views to go outside.  It creates a better dollhouse and requires less tomfoolery.

Swapping to 360 Views is a confusing experience for viewers as it is unclear that the mode has changed and that viewers cannot navigate the outside world like they did the inside views.

While one can click the 'Inside View' icon to return to where they were inside the tour - this is anything but obvious.

I think it should be a TOP priority to fix this.

I would like a nice button to appear, similar to the Dollhouse / Floorplan button, that floats at the bottom center that clearly states 'Back to 3D Tour'.  In addition, I would like for Matterport to develop 360 View Mattertags that would allow us to link to other 360 Views, or manually link back to the tour.  If you'd like to, you can get fancy and allow 360 Views to have an 'Arrow' icon if the 360 View Mattertag is a direct link to a scan.

This is CORE functionality that will allow 360 Views to truly serve their purpose and the lack of this functionality severely limits what we are able to do with 360 Views.

With the Pro-2 having GPS built in, I can imagine that there are plans in motion for connecting outside scans -- may I suggest that the GPS is used for automatically generating '360 View Arrow Mattertags'?  Give us the feature for manual addition and allow auto generation later.



  • Hi @Chris Hickman  I totally agree.  Some viewers get 'stuck' in a 360 and can't figure out how to get back to the 3D Space.   When I create Highlight Reels with 360 Views I now always make sure the last slide is not a 360 so the viewer ends inside. 

  • I just do agree.

  • I also agree!!

  • Agree with a capital "A"  :-)

  • Yes. Agree Agree x 2. 

  • I actually started exporting the 360 views and using a separate viewer 3rd party viewer for them. It was creating a big headache trying to explain to users how to navigate back and forth between the space and the 360 view. Plus, the 360 viewers give me the option of branding the experience with our logo... something that we don't have with the Matterport spaces (yet?).

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