Scanning for integration in BIM model and link to FMIS

Hello! I’ve been asked if I could do the scanning of a large number of buildings (small part of a large tender, where the final goal for my custormer is to integrate my result into a BIM model en link this model to a FMIS.)

My only task would be to deliver the measured (!) 3D groundplans (of each building and each floor). 

Can he obtain this, when me just delivering the OBJ files? 

I myself have no experience with working these kind of files.  If I deliver my customer the OBJ files, to what extend could he use these? Or would he be needing a point cloud version?  And how stable (or advisable) is this (since I read still being in beta).

Or would I (or someone) need to rework or prepare the files for my customer to obtain his 3D groundplans?  If this is the case, may be someone within the community delivers these kind of services, based on the obj's I deliver?!  Then always interested!

Hope anyone could help me out here.  All feedback & support much appreciated!

Tx, inge



  • Hi Inge,

    First, congratulations on winning the contract. This is great news for you.

    When you say Groundplans do you perhaps mean floor plans?

    I have had a few clients where they have asked us to go further than simply providing the Matterport floor plans so we have done this by downloading the point clouds of our models (rather than the obj file) and then using 3d modeling software to produce geometry, sections, and elevations for our clients. This was initially achieved by using Autodesk recap but there are many tools available to achieve this from the Matterport point cloud format.

    We haven't yet had any clients asking us to work with their BIM process but I know that there can be some challenges there for Matterport point clouds since they don't link to control points. Saying that as long as there is at least one point cloud that is linked to a control point then you can link up Matterport scans to it. Again, there is software available to help achieve these things.

    We are starting to explore ways of offering additional 3D services to our clients and I would certainly interested in collaboration with you on this or on other projects. Feel free to contact me directly.

    Worth also you watching some of the case study videos that Matterport provide for the AEC industry as you may find these useful.

    Best Regards,

    Gordon Ricketts
    Partner and Co-Founder
    Captured Realities

    +44 (0) 7952 929 322

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  • Hey!
    Agree with using the point cloud instead of the OBJ. More accurate and more purpose built for CAD/BIM applications.

    If you only need floorplans though, using our High Resolution Floorplans (not the Schematic Floorplans) might be a good choice too. Look at this case study to see how.

    As for aligning our point cloud with building survey grids, I've heard of many customers doing this manually by setting targets/sphere on known XYZ points and aligning manually. Hope to create some literature on this in the future (any volunteers?).

    Best of luck,

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  • @Inge Van Hoof4: I would also recommend for help from Danny Basting, he´s in your area I guess: or

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