The Skinny on Matterport’s Gallery: Top 4 Tips for Creating a Top-Notch Matterport Space

Matterport's Gallery represents some of the most outstanding models that have been created by a growing community. Every month, Matterport receives a few hundred submissions but only the top models in terms of creative and technical quality make it into the gallery.

Why bother submitting to the Gallery? Because Matterport picks Matty Award nominees from these submissions. Also, Matterport pulls the best spaces to represent the brand in the Matterport Showcase App and Matterport VR App. 

Here are four ways to help improve your models and improve your chances of getting your model curated to the Gallery:

1. Choose a Compelling Location to Scan

Some of the best models in the Matterport Gallery are those which feature captivating and unique locations. These are standout models that are one-of-a-kind. If the space you are capturing is inspiring or a place not many people have had the opportunity to explore, we want to see it!

Bare in mind that more often than not, the story behind a space is what makes it unique. When submitting a model to the Matterport Gallery, be sure to include a detailed description. Providing a brief description of a model’s history often illuminates a compelling narrative that makes the space even more noteworthy. Providing brief context and history can go a long way in illustrating the importance of a space.

2. Ensure Your Space is Technically Sound

Great gallery models are those of the highest technical quality. This includes producing a fully-trimmed dollhouse without any holes or extraneous scatter, managing your property’s lighting to prevent oversaturated images, and ensuring that all windows and mirrors are properly marked.

One of the main problems we see with gallery submissions is oversaturated lighting. Oversaturated lighting makes it difficult to see clear images within scans. By scanning before sunrise or after sunset, most of your lighting issues can be resolved. By capturing images during these times, you can also produce quality outdoor scans as well. We find that spaces that include some outdoor scans can really add to the beauty of the space.

We strongly recommend referencing our Best Practices page on our Help Center which features plenty of helpful articles and guides on how to produce technically-sound Matterport Spaces.

3. Utilize Matterport features such as Multimedia Matterport Posts

Some of our best models are not only technically sound, they also utilize all the features that Matterport has to offer.  Some of the best spaces capitalize on Multimedia Mattertag Posts, 360 views, and highlight reels. Our Help Center features articles on how to incorporate these features into your Matterport Spaces.

4. Create a Fun Name for your Matterport Space

When filtering through all the submissions we try really hard to walk through and tour the space and evaluate a space from all the angles. That being said, given the number of Matterport Spaces submitted to us, sometimes it helps to have a clever or descriptive model name.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you submit a space to our gallery. Submit your best spaces here!



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