Extract Full Size 360

Can anyone tell me how I can extract a full size 360 image?

If i use the snapshot function in the workshop i can only seem to get a low res image (about 700kb), but given this is a 34 megapixel camera i'd expect something more like 20+mb?





  • Hi Neil, 

    All 360º Snapshots output at the same resolution (4096 x 2048 pixels), regardless of whether captured by a Pro or a Pro2 camera.

    Certain sites, like Facebook, only allow up to a certain size for an image, so we're trying to blanket include everyone. Perhaps we'll allow options of different sized downloads in the future for that feature. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  • Hi Christine,



    Maybe I got this wrong but I was under the impression that you can download "print ready" images from this system?


    "Download print-ready Snapshots from any angle, inside and out, to use in every marketing campaign - print, digital, and more! Generate high-resolution photographs for your clients with up to 36 MP for brochures, magazines, and HD displays."

    So i'm a little confused why i'm only able to download a 700kb file?

    Is this correct or is you marketing material wrong?




  • Right now we just have the one size to download 360 Snapshots. The 'up to 36 MP' is for the regular 2D Snapshots. Below the Showcase, next to the Launch button for Workshop you can select multiple Snapshots and when you click Download it will give you 3 download options. Max Snapshot size for Pro2 is 8092 x 4552 pixels which is 36 MP. 

  • Hi, 

    It turns out that the Web Ready and Presentation Ready choices are the same for Pro or Pro2. The Maximum Pixel will be different. For Pro2, a 2D Snapshot at default 100% is 5664 × 3186; a 2D Snapshot zoomed out to 70% is 8092 × 4552. I hope that clears things up. 

  • Thank you Christine

  • I'm still not with it.

    When i take a 360 onsite (not a snapshot) how can i get the full version of this 360. Surely with all these megapixels we can get a file which is bigger than 72dpi (I'm guessing its this resolution as it looks very low).

    When i use a DSLR's the files are much bigger (15+mb for the full image) so i was kind of expecting the same sort of 360 from this camera.

  • Yah, I would think a "High Resolution" Photo would be of a larger size. Definitely not below 1MB. Some of my 360 snapshots are only 400+ KB.

  • Hi Jack,

    I would love to look into your issue more in detail.  I will need to gather some info from your end, a separate support ticket will be created shortly.


  • I also agree that if you are selling a 134MP camera you should also deliver a 134MP panorama. My goPro Fusion which costs 20% and no monthly fee can now do better and also capture 5.2K 360 video. MP should think about this.

    There will be very soon much more alternatives like e.g. a 8K 360 Videocam which will deliver dollhouse for less money and I am sure if you offer your customers experiences like this they soon won´t be customers anymore.

  • Hi @Matterport-Maggie

    Are there any solutions in the near future?
    I offered my customer 360 degree shots. But these are very bad and my customer was dissatisfied.
    When can we have fully access to our data without restrictions?.. but please without any MatterPak solution. ;-)


    Best Wishes

    I agree. It is totally absurd that using images of that resolution in the "3D Showcase" we can not download them. Honestly when I read in the specifications of the camera that offered 360 images of 134MP I thought that this camera would be interesting not only because of its 3D utility, but also to facilitate the other kind of 360 projects that I do with DSLR cameras. I assume it's just a matter of Matterport deciding to eliminate those limits in that option.
    I hope you reconsider
    Thank you
  • As a new Matterport Pro2 customer, I'm also very disappointed that Matterport only allow you to export a tiny 8 megapixel image from a 360° Snapshot. The data is there – please just give us access to it!

    Many thanks and please let us know when you plan to enable full-resolution exports?


  • I exported a 360 image, but the quality is only 8mb! I need to export in high resolution, could I release the option?

  • I was told the following after contacting support about this:

    "There are a couple reasons why we don't provide the full resolution panos.  The first is basically the pano downloader was created in order to help people who were interested in uploading a pano to Facebook as a better teaser than a static 2D image.  Because that was the problem we were trying to solve, resolution was not an issue since it was really only meant for the FB newsfeed.  Our goal was to meet the demanding requesting a specific feature, which the current resolution does.  

    The other problem with providing a higher resolution version is we would be opening up the possibility for other companies to copy the model data.  With the full res pano and everything in the MatterPak bundle, it would make it that much easier for other companies to recreate the Space data on their servers."

    So I doubt we'll be seeing higher resolution 360 Snapshots any time soon sadly, it's a real annoyance and not something that's mentioned in the advertising material for the camera ...


  • Buying MatterPak can I access as high resolution images?
  • No, you only get the following with the MatterPak:


    • •     Colorized point cloud (.XYZ)
    • •     Reflected ceiling plan image

                  •     (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
                  •     (.PDF) All floors in one file

                  •     (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
                  •     (.PDF) All floors in one file

    • •     3D mesh file (.OBJ)



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