Workshop too slow to use?....

Not sure what the issues has been lately with the workshop but everything is incredibly slow.  Can't open 360's, VR, snapshots, etc.  Have tried several browsers, PC's, Mac's etc. All seem to have this issue from time to time.  We are running 2 new Pro 2 cameras and 2 original cameras.  Not sure if this is a file size issue with new cameras or the fact that we are hosting over 300 sites.

Anyone having similar issues or can the MP tech guys please address this issue?  Need a solution ASAP.



  • Hi Adam, 

    It's difficult to troubleshoot if we don't have exact details, but please check out this page HERE to check that you have the requirements needed to run Workshop. Larger models and models with lots of Snapshots and Mattertag posts can take longer to open as well. Check your internet connection and you can check to see if there's any issue on our end. The other thing it could be is your graphics card. You'll want to have a relatively new one. If it's older than 5 years old, then it might be struggling. 

    Feel free to email with your specs and a link to a troublesome model if you continue to have any difficulties. 

  • I'm also experiences issues with the workshop being slow.

    My Mac just froze one me and i had to shut it down and reboot. As soon as you exit the workshop it returns to normal. Its like its killing the browser.

    Mac Book Pro (2013), 16gb RAM, Safari.

  • It happens the same to me. I can not take snapshots, so no highlight reel...
    I tried to open workshop from Mac and PC Core i7.
    Could you solve it?

  • Hi, I too am having extreme difficulty in using workshop, a few weeks ago all was ok, now it is painful to complete a new space, for the original cost of the cameras and the ongoing space fees, i feel i have completely wasted my money and and incredible amount of time, i have no intention of purchasing new graphics card as my cameras (Pro) (tried the Pro 2 & found the exact same faults i am having now, so reverted back to Pro Camera) I feel Matterport do not look after their existing customers and are only looking to bring new clients/money to their business. I fear Matterport enquiries, as i know the pain / time it will take to 1. capture the property & 2. Edit/Workshop. Time for Ebay i think. Gary

  • @Ticitiboo

    To be honest saying you have no intention of buying a graphics card to support the heavier graphics load is like buying a car and then saying you have no intention of getting it serviced or putting new tyres on it once they have worn out.

    A decent graphics card in a well spec'd computer benefits ALL your work not just Matterport so it makes upgrade whenever you can.

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