Feedback for Scanning a Fair

Hi all, 

I would like to know if some of you have an experience about scanning a huge Fair or a forum, requesting certainly a long time.

How could I calculate the time to spend to do it ?

Thanks a lot 



  • Hello Bertrand.

    I've never scanned anything of that size. But here's what I would do:

    1. First I would plan my scanning route to ensure I scan everything that your customer wants to showcase in your model.
    2. Afterwards, I would take my standard length that I move my camera and try to multiply that up into how many scans that would approximately accumulate.
    3. As the camera takes approximately 45 seconds to do a full spin, and you are able to move it meanwhile the upload is happening, I calculate 1 scan as 1 minute. (Ex. A 100 scan Fair, would take me 100 minutes of pure scanning time)
    4. After this, I would calculate transport + alignment issues + upload and editing.

    Hope this helped,


    Kasper ZM

  • That´s difficult as it really depends on the setup and total space.
    What is huge for you?

    Something like this:


    "a" took about 5 hours with MP.

  • Marcus-

    First- you have amazing work! Thank you for sharing! 

    Secondly- I am having difficulty locating example "b" - the hyper-link sends me to your web site but I cannot find that particular scan. Ant help would be appreciated! 

    I am a newly approved MSP and am just finishing up to do Phase 1 digital launch! Very excited to be bringing this great technology to my area!

    Thank you again!


  • SORRY - I removed it. At the moment it´s not available due to updates.

  • The Fair Website is here:

  • Thank you!

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