Turn of panning in guided tour without embedding?

I know you can turn off panning in an embedded space by adding a parameter but can you do it if you are just using, or sending, a link?  

My current desire is to produce a guided tour to then use as a video via screen capture.  I would prefer that there isn't panning in this particular tour.



  • Great question, I like the idea! 

  • @overandabovephoto

    I am not sure if this video is what you are wanting to do? I use this on the top of my website. I did not put any music to it and probably should have, but it will give you an idea!


    If this is what you are after, it is very easy without the guided tour. Just go to space in my.matterport account and start it up full screen. When it opens, you can push windows key and G at the same time for the screen recorder. I used the arrow keys on keyboard to walk around property. Just put a little extra footage on the front and back so you can trim back to what you want. With that recorder, you can also use it to narrate if you wanted.

    On Mac, I do not know! I think you can with quicktime?

  • @justinv

    Appreciate your feedback.  That is essentially what I want but I'm trying to eliminate the pauses that happen as you move from one scan location to the next.  No matter how smoothly I try to do it by hand I still end up with a jerk, or over rotating, or some such.  I figured if I could eliminate the panning at each location it would be easy to edit out the slight pause.  Also in some cases, not necessarily when doing video, I would prefer to send a link with a guided tour which doesn't pan.

    Nice video by the way.  I would tend to hide the scan circles but other than that it is close to what I'm looking for.


  • @overandabovephoto

    I did it first with the guided tour and I didn't care for the results either. I actually put that together because they were featuring me and wanted my website. I wanted to get something up there, so that is the solution I came up with. Maybe one day I will have the time to figure it out!

  • Hi @overandabovephoto,

    Yes, if you add the same parameter to the link you send, you'll have the same result. Any parameter can be used inside or outside an iframe. 

    I hope that helps

    - Amir

  • @Matterport-Amir

    Thanks.  I was hoping that was the case.

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