Feature request - Dollhouse level selection

Dear Matterport,


I love the ability to take snapshots from a top-down perspective of the dollhouse. Personally I think it looks better than the floorplan.

For a standard house with 2 levels I find it works especially well. I take a snapshot of the top floor with ALL FLOORS selected, and then take a snapshot of level 1.

When the home is more than 2 levels though, I find being force to select either ALL FLOORS or 1 level at a time causes a lot of black spots on the intermediate floors.

For example, I took a snapshot of a house with 3 levels. Here's the ALL floors selected top down view:

But when I take a snapshot of the second level, I get all the black space by the staircase leading to bottom level:

What I would LOVE to be able to do is on, let's say, this 3 level home, is to take a first shot with ALL FLOORS Selected, and then take off the top level and take a top-down snapshot with only levels 1 and 2 selected, and then take one with only level 1 selected. That way that middle floor would not have all the black space.

Does this make sense?

Hopefully that would be a possibility in the future to have more than 1 levels selected on a dollhouse view without having to have ALL of them selected. 



  • Hi @Justus,

    I think that's a great idea and would be very nice to isolate any number of floors at the same time.  I'll add this feature to our feature request DB.  

    - Amir

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  • @Matterport-Amir I want to see that DB :)

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