360 Images


Just received my Pro2 camera and wanted to know if i just want to take some 360 images (not 3D scans) is this possible without using a scan processing fee?

If so how do you get the image out the camera?





  • Hi @Neil,

    I'm sorry, but model data from your Capture app has to have at least 1 3D scan in order to upload.  If you have 1 3D scan and 1 360° View, processing is free since it counts as a "test" scan. 

    However, 360° Views do still go through processing since they require stitching and color correcting, so it's not possible to just throw up a bunch of 360° Views to avoid the processing costs :(

    - Amir

  • Thanks..


    That sounds like a work around.

  • So.... If I do one (1) 3D scan and dozens of 360° images, that is possible?

  • Hello Dareth,

    Yes it is possible to scan a space with 1 3D scan and many 360 views. You must always include at least 1 3D scan in a space in order to upload it for processing. I have also added below the document where this information can be found. I hope this helps.





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