Awkward places

I have a high room with a sectioned off area creating a lower room in one corner, my question is how would you ensure the scan includes the areas blocked by the false room? Would you take a scan on top of the false room?



  • Hi @James  Could y give more detail on the layout?  Not sure by your description exactly what you mean.

  • thanks.

    its a large open plan room but it has another small room built in one corner with its own flat roof lower than the main area.

    if i scan the room the small addition will block the scan in that corner, should i put the matterport on the internal flat roof to capture that corner?

  • Yes, if you want to capture the entire larger room, you should try to raise the camera so that it can see over the smaller, inner room.  This will help flesh out the mesh in that area.  Otherwise, it may look a bit strange in the dollhouse view if it tried to guess at what's there. 

    - Amir

  • Thank you Amir.

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