Setting Multiple Start Locations

We just scanned a large clubhouse and want to be able to set multiple start locations.  Why? because there are several restaurants, locker rooms and exercise areas.  The client would like to have the tour embedded in different web pages based on location in the club with the space starting in that location.  

Is there a way to make this happen without uploading the model many times?



  • You can only have one start location per model, so yes, you would need to re-upload the model multiple times with different start locations.   Good luck!

  • @Overandabovephoto You could have a common start location for all like a 360° of the outside of the clubhouse; then add each spot location “labeled” in the highlights reel? Just a thought.

  • @Overandabovephoto 

    You could also have the one start location and then use Mattertags to jump to the different areas..  I use Mattertags a lot!

  • Thanks for the feedback.  I think I've figured a way to do what I need with links to the individual scan.  By copying the individual scan URL and using that as a link it would appear that the space will open at that scan.  Does anyone see a problem with this approach other than the URL link is long?  Can obviously go to a short URL service if need be.  Here is the model with the standard start location.  Yes it is a large structure.

    Here is the model using an internal scan to start with.

  • @Overandabovephoto,

    That's a great workaround using deep links to navigate visitors to specific locations within your Space.  If that works for your needs, I don't see any problem with doing it that way. 

    - Amir

  • Thanks Amir.  I think it will do what I need it to. 

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