New Client - Wordpress 4.8 (Not Working) what do we do?

Hi All, I'm not familiar with Wordpress but my client is trying to embed and I've sent them the Matterport embed instructions - apparently they've tried to convert the URL and just a black box is appearing, the iframe isn't working at all. They have Wordpress version 4.8. 

Is a plugin required in all cases? I don't want to have to pay for WP3D or anything as there isn't money in the job and thought it would work according to the instructions They only have 1 space and this is a business to business scan rather than real estate. 

The link and iframe work fine on my own Wix website.

I have asked the client to screenshot what they're doing but does anyone have any advice in the mean time?  Any info would be appreciated.




  • Hi there, I wrote in an email.  We have it working 4.8.1 with a specific theme. But I would recommend that you check that they have updated their theme if they have one. Cannot comment about raw WP or that plugin.

  • We also have tours working on Wordpress 4.8 with no issues.  If they are getting a black screen it could  be related to what they are using on the WP site. Some people use site builders like "Divi", "Genesis" or "Page Builder"... From the client I helped with this issue a few months back they selected the "video" widget that the page builder had and tried to use that..

    In this case I had them select the text widget and paste the embed code into that and everything worked.   Most of these site site builders have many widgets and people get confused on what to use as they often confuse the matterport tour as a video and want to use the video widget which works completely different and is more expecting a link from Youtube or Vimeo 

  • Thanks for this @Simon Modera @Kevin Denton I've sent the info to my client and will await to see if it fixes it in the morning. I believe they have been trying to embed a 'video' and that may be where they're going wrong. 

  • There is a process when using Wordpress. Check out this article:

    Hope it helps.

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