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I very much like the Video Intro feature and so do my clients!

Sometimes though it chooses poor locations to view from, is it or will it be possible to edit these videos? personally id like to be able to make a longer video by selecting certain locations within the model.



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    Hi there James,

    Thanks for the note, and the kind words!  Glad to hear you're enjoying the Teaser Videos.  A couple things:

    First, thanks to a recent customer survey and feedback, we're going to be improving the locations that are selected, the viewing angle, and a few other things that should improve the quality for most videos.

    Second, when we launched this, we always expected that users would eventually want to create their own Teaser Videos: that was one of the top comments we expected, and that's been proven to be true.  The functionality to enable user-generated video is somewhat complex, so it'll take some time until we'll have it -- but it's very much on our radar. It'll take a little while, but stay tuned!



  • This is great news, i think intro editing will be amazing.

    In my most recent scan it has chosen bad start and end points and i was hoping to use this model as a showcase. is there any way of running the video again and hope it chooses better positions?

  • Would it also be possible in the future to download the videos to the Matterport Showcase app for off line viewing?

  • Hi there James,

    Right now, re-uploading won't change the teaser video, unless the model has changed substantially.

    For the second item, you're talking about having the intro videos included in the offline version of Showcase?  That's really interesting... what's the user experience you'd like?



  • When i'm trying to sell my business i use the Matterport App (not capture) to showcase whats possible, being able to pre download the models is great because there is often no internet available.

    I've found that most potential clients really like the video intros, but i have to fumble around on my ipad to load the videos, it would be great if they could be downloaded to the Matterport App so that my presentation runs smoother.

  • Ah, that makes sense, thanks!  We'll do some thinking on this end... :-)

  • Ive resorted to using screen capture to create the videos i need but cropping off the buttons etc results in a bad camera position, any way of removing all on screen items but retaining their function?

  • Hi James,

    One thing you can do it remove the tour buttons and dollhouse if you don't plan on using it in your video.  You can also use the parameter &mls=1 to get rid of the share icon and vr icon.  In Workshop, there's also a toggle for Name & Summary to remove that from the top, left corner of the Space. 

    That should get you close to centered with the frame.  I don't think it's possible to remove the zoom buttons and because of that, I would say getting rid of the full frame icon is probably more trouble than it's worth. 

    I hope that helps. 

    - Amir

  • I know this is an OLD post, but does anyone know if the ability to edit intro videos has been added??? Does anyone know how the software determines where to start the "Intro" videos? Is it totally random for the short versions?



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