Quick help needed with name and summary in virtual tour details


Can anybody help me with a quick respons. 

I thought I've seen on the starting screen of some virtual tours where there is underneeth the name a second line of text. I can't seem to make that happen. I filled in name and summary, but I only see the name when it is loading.

Who can help me understand it?





  • Are you referring to something like this?  When you are using WP3D Plugin on a Word Press site you can add a description or subtitle... 

  • @Lisa Hinson, thanks for your reply.

    No I was talking about the basic matterport starting screen.
    I didn't find THE solution, but I find A solution ;-)

  • @Eva Hammou and the solution is??? 

  • @Lisa Hinson,

    Just don't look to add a second line 😜

    I've just putt: " name of broker - appartment for sale " 

    Works out fine! 


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