Getting better clients while charging more...

How to WIN the Real Estate game! (and by win, I mean dominate)

First, this post is not for everyone... if you aren't looking to turn your services in to a full-fledged business (meaning scaling, commanding your own price and having more leads than you can handle) and you are just fine with your results so far, then this probably won't interest you.

I have found several HUGE opportunities that if seized, will dramatically shift the industry in our direction.

  1. There is NO searchable website/catalogue for VR Real Estate
  2. The quality of photos on Zillow, Redfin etc. are on average, actually LOWER than images extracted from the MP scans
  3. Facebook caters to 360 videos, ESPECIALLY ones shorter than 15 sec (like MP produces)
  4. The Real Estate industry SUCKS at marketing! (I am willing to prove it, and even show you how to dominate your area)
  5. Zillow's "Instant Offers" has created panic in the Real Estate industry which we ease
  6. Mattertags can be leveraged for a Youtube SEO hack because of a current algorithm loophole
  7. Even agents who have heard of Matterport still have NO IDEA of it's capabilities and value

There's much more, but the point of this post is to see who in our community is game to join forces and help each other to become more successful as this awesome technology flourishes. If you would like to know specifics, join forces or see what we are up to, just comment below or check out the facebook group I just formed here: 

Also, you can check out our current project (a website that we are marketing VERY heavily) at this link below! 

End of rant, lol. Let's see whose ready to roll!



  • Ryan,

    You are right on target regarding the real estate situation. I have been in the business for 13 years and just started in this one. I see nothing but potential being an MSP. Primacy is the factor we can capitalize on. First to market, first to dominate it.


  • @Ryan the Facebook link doesn't seem to be working ( you posted ) just an FYI  Your website is a grabber!


  • @Geof, if you have properties that you want to list with us, we'll help you promote them on our website for free! Just email us and we'll collaborate -

    @Lisa, the link should be working now! Excited to see you there.

  • Ryan, 

    Thanks. Where are you located? If you have a RE license, I can pay a referral, otherwise, just a "thank you" gift.


  • Geof, we are located in the Phoenix area. We're looking for strategic partnerships nationally and even globally so email us and we will work out a win-win for us all :) Thanks for your appreciation and generosity!

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