What kind of video tutorials would you like to see?

Dear Community,

As an ongoing effort to make it easier for you to learn about the camera we are in the midst of creating a series of video tutorials.  The first 11 are in post production now, but as we continue to make more, we would love to better understand your needs and what you'd like to see.  We welcome feedback on the following questions: 

1. What kind of video tutorials would have helped you get started when you purchased a camera? 

2. What topics about the Matterport camera system and features do you wish you better understood? 

Please share your ideas with us!

@justinv - you are super creative and thoughtful. What do you think?





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    Hi Justinv, 

    Meant to write back sooner! Sorry for the delay. I LOVE your suggestions.

    We are working on beginner series of videos that is meant to cover the nuts and bolts of using our camera.

    The door trick is clever and I admit haven't tried that one myself before. A little preview of what's to come... we have 11 videos in post production right now: 


    Video 1: Introducing the Matterport capture app
    Video 2: Connecting to the camera
    Video 3: Coping with Alignment Errors & Misalignments
    Video 4: Marking Windows, Mirrors and Trim
    Video 5: Uploading to the Cloud

    Video 6: Coping with sunlight
    Video 7: Generating a Complete 3D Model
    Video 8: All About Floors
    Video 9: Best Practices for Scanning Outdoors
    Video 10: Scanning repetitive spaces
    Video 11: Edit Scans

    We also have plans to shoot additional videos tied to Matterport Workshop and a few other topics:

    Best practices for using a tripod
    Intro to Matterport Workshop
    Setting the Start Location
    Showcase Controls
    Creating Multimedia Mattertag Posts
    3D Scans & 360° Views
    Creating a Highlight Reel
    Taking Snapshots
    Taking Measurements
    Creating Labels
    Editing for VR
    Troubleshooting navigation issues
    Space management and Account Settings

    I think most of the videos you suggested (minus the door trick) are covered. Feel free to suggest any ideas I might have missed!
    Thanks so much!

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  • @sibyl

    I know what I call the trim tool trick to pass through doors when the mesh is in the way. People have a hard time visualizing the trim with arrows pointed in on either side of door frame.

    I would say other uses of the window marker. I saw one here and another emailed me where second stories had glass walls that were half walls. Mark those as windows and you don't fly over to first floor.

    I know this isn't supported but maybe outside scanning. I love this but it can be tricky.

    Another one that isn't "supported" but the door trick where you walk over and it opens. Like this:


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  • I would say from start to finish. Start with the actual scan. Show the difference between how the straight lines with 90° turns versus all over the place. My last example was straight lines, I think and hope!

    Even the workshop, what we assume is easy, it isn't for a beginner. Do from A to Z in workshop. Even show how to rename snapshots in highlight reel.

    When it is a house, I scan the garage, using door trick, to get it on floor plan. I go back and duplicate model and use the newer feature to look at scans in app and delete the extra scans for garage and getting to garage. Then reuploading the scan.

    I would love one on camera removal of mirrors.

    There are so many tips and tricks, I think you will need more videos!

    I cannot wait and hope to learn something myself.

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  • What about scanning at different heights and why at same point?

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  • @justinv

    How did you perform the open door trick?

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  • @realtymedia

    You like that? Several people do it and I am not sure how they do it but I would imagine about the same.

    You scan the entire property with all doors closed. When you are scanning, pay attention to how far the camera scans away from camera. You can make a duplicate model in capture before you start, if you want. Okay, open door and you have two options... You can go around the corner and start scanning again or just back up far enough that the door isn't in the scanning radius. I would upload the model and make sure it works properly. Then I go back and delete the extra scans except for the one with door open and the original scan with door closed. So when they hit that one scan, the door opens.

    I hope that is clear. If not, email me Justin@3dhometours.info and I will send you some screen shots of my iPad. I think I only had about three extra scans.

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  • @realtymedia

    Did that make sense?

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  • Thanks Justin. Most of that makes sense. Although I didn't understand the reason for duplicating the model before you start scanning? I have achieved a similar doors opening effect on approach by accident before but never as slick as your example. This is ideal for scanning hotels where there are usually big heavy fire doors designed to stay closed.

    I'd love to see a video with these kind of hacks so that we can really optimise the kit and capitalise on commercial opportunities.

    Thanks again.

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  • @realtymedia

    The reason for the duplicate, so if something goes crazy, it does sometimes, you have your entire scan intact. You can also look and know what scans you need to delete. I don't hide scans very often, I just use the preview in capture and delete the extra scans. Normally, I use this method to go into garages for floor plan and maybe outside to outdoor space. So I upload multiple times for one model.

    I hope I made this clear. I have a busy week, so I will try and do part of my house tonight or tomorrow for the demo. It will be too hard to do it on an actual job.

    You are right, you use this trick on large hotels or whatever and it does give a more polished look in my opinion. That is why I try to do straight lines scanning and 90° turns. It is all about the final product.

    I hope others chime in because I don't know everything about this platform. For every trick I know, I bet there are five more out there that people do on a daily basis. This is why I reached out to @sibyl chen about this topic. She emailed me to let me know about the post. I asked about a section just for video tutorials.

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  • Thanks @justinv. Your help is much appreciated.

    My direct email is jason@realtymedia.co.uk if you have examples.

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  • @realtymedia

    I have made most of the video. I hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow.

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  • @sibyl chen

    I actually have the video pretty much shot. I took screen shots to add into the video as well.

    I tried to edit last night but between my computer and the tours were lagging, I didn't get very far.

    It might have to wait until later this week. I have three Matterport scans tomorrow with video on all of them. The bad news, I have to drive almost two hours to get to them.

    So, if I don't get it edited tonight, it will be pushed to the back burner until I get my paid work finished! :-)

    I do have some more good news about the scan for the video. I got the trick but I also had to do the trim tool trick. I guess I will call it a twofer!


    I haven't forgotten about it, just got busy!

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  • @sibyl chen

    Another request that isn't necessarily for the videos but the ability to embed Matterport tours into the community. I would like to be able to do videos as well, but I understand the uneasiness that might make some!;)

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  • @realtymedia

    Sorry for the delay on the video. I had a couple of paid jobs last week and they were put ahead of this one! I wanted to polish it up a little more but I also wanted to share this with you, so you can hopefully use it! I forgot to trim the silence on the screenshot slides until it was too late! I also did not change the color or exposure.



    Here is the tour with the extra scans:



    Tour with the extra scans deleted:


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