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I've come from the most recent email updates about matterport scenes, and I'm wondering what sort of advantages it can convey to me. I currently have the pro camera, and I work in real estate, but I'm always looking for an additional edge. Is AR going to be a big part of matterports future? I saw a demo for the Asus phone that showed it placing furniture. Is there going to be a way to scan my own furniture and possibly view finishes on spaces?





  • With an installed base of 1k-5k, MP Scenes may never reach critical mass thanks to little interest in the Android handset developer community. But if you want to play, you can pick up a Phab 2 for only $169 right now (32GB version) 


    The real interest will be with ARKit and iOS 11. Come September be ready for an installed base of 100 million ready to use AR.  

    Betas are already dropping furniture. 


    I'll be showing some MP Spaces soon in AR. 


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  • Awesome! Do you know of anyone doing stuff like flooring/ paint? Thanks again for your insights.

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  • Matterport Scenes isn't an AR app – it's a 3D capture app.

    AR lets you superimpose things (including measurements) on a place - if you're there. Scenes gives you the ability to scan a place on your phone and take it with you. Later, you can look it from any angle, including inside a space, and measure the distance between any points.

    Yes, you can scan your own furniture, and share the model with other Scenes users or export to other 3D apps.

    Scenes runs great on the new Asus Zenfone AR, which is available in some places and will be released soon through Verizon in the US.

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