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I was wondering if there was a way to "clean up" the floor plan view, i.e. get rid of the stuff on the ceiling that seems to be reflected on the floor, so that the top down view looks clean. 
My company creates marks on the floor of buildings, and we need to "pick up" these spray paint marks on the floor, and relate them to known features (i.e. walls, columns etc..). So a clean, top down view is essential for me. I've attached a picture of one of our spray paint marks! As you can see, stuff from the ceiling is appears on top of the image :( 

Would anyone be able to guide me through the process of getting a scan into autocad? I want to create an accurate drawing of a room and our spray paint marks on the floor. 


  • Anyone??

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  • Hello Will,

    I am guessing that you can cleanup the scan point cloud prior to send it to autocad. If you turn the scan to the side I believe you can trim the roof parts that are bothering you at the moment consequently export a new "clean point cloud mesh", then with the clean point cloud proceed to retopologize (create clean geometry based on the point cloud) inside autocad.

    For this, you might want to use something like autodesk recap before autocad, not sure if you are familiar with it or not? 

    here is a link that might put you in the right direction:


    also I found this link, about point cloud and autocad that might be useful:


    let me know if that helps!






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  • If you use the XYZ file in ARCHICAD by Graphisoft, you can control the height of the cut-plane so you can pick up the floor or the ceiling in the same view.  I've attached some images as examples.

    You can download a fully functional 30 day trial version of Archicad and save the information out as DXF/DWG for use in more rudimentary software such as Autocad if required

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