What's Going On With Street View?

Updates on the Street View partnership? I would really like to be given some more information. I'm starting to pitch it to prospects, but it's tough to answer their questions when I don't have a full grasp of the logistics, or even a demo of how the UI and UX will appear and work!?



  • I was told today they are working on it but it isn't polished for public yet.

  • They've removed all links on their website saying it will be ready for summer 2017. I guess they've run into delays / problems integrating the API.

  • Well, Matterport admins? No comments? Is this how you provide customer service and support?

  • They are still working on it but I would guess they ran into problems.

    The two that were in another thread were not what I expected. I guess I was wanting the Matterport tour look and received GSV look!

  • The two what?

  • There are two examples in another thread here. Let me see if I can find the links.

  • Oh! That would be awesome!

  • https://goo.gl/maps/iLquGTZUBmk

    Spin the camera around to window and you can see the Matterport camera.

  • https://goo.gl/maps/ApY3bsJYseP2

    Here is another one. Check dumb and dumber looking in window!

  • So, they are working on it but that is honestly all I know!

  • Glad I found an update here, I have been asking for update from MP with no success. I can understand delays so why the silence. 

    @justincolbyvaughn the links above do not look like MP scans what are these RealVision? 

  • @rick

    They are suppose to be Matterport. The first link you can spin around and see the Matterport camera in window. The second picture of the bar, I couldn't see any reflections but it is suppose to be Matterport.

    I don't know why they have been silent lately but I can tell you they are still working on GSV but it must not be integrating how they are wanting. They will not release it until it is polished and up to their standards. I can say I am excited they are doing it but I also wish it was ready. I would rather this than businesses being upset about the end result!

  • I agree that we want a polished product but that does not mean all communication should be cut off. Many of us have told our clients that Google/Matterport tours are coming for their business this summer. Give us something to tell them if there is a delay.


  • @justincolbyvaughn thanks for showing these!

    @Troy Gray I absolutely agree. EXACTLY the same thing is happening with me. My clients want more information, and I'm running out of things to say. 

    Are you going to leave us hanging, Matter-folks? @Matterport-Amir @Matterport Linda 


  • I know this isn't the solution we want from Matterport, but there is an interim fix which takes a little longer in Workshop but will still get your client straight onto Street View with Matterport.

    Simply download the main 360 views you want to use to create the tour and then link them together using the Street View app or the GoThru dashboard. Sure the tour experience is not Matterport quality, but when the API is fixed you can fix that.

  • And you get credit to be Google trusted photographer!

  • This is a good idea, but unfortunately the images we get are quite low resolution. It is, however a good, quick interim fix! I'm just hoping that the Matterport/Google integration will be a little more immersive and user friendly than regular Street View. Street view lags when loading, the transition between 360 spheres is jerky, there's no 3D model, no annotations, and I can go on. Matterport have created a damn good user interface, and it's this that I am eager to see on Street View. 

  • That is why we are all here because we like the quality.

    I know the 360's aren't 8k but they are good enough for Google.

  • That is all good but not looking to add another monthly or per tour expense. :-)


  • I do agree with Justincolbyvaughn. We get a little too caught up with image quality. We have to look at what we would be using the images for. Matterport 360 Images are more than adequate for Google. I am a photographer and a real stickler for quality.

    Yes, I would like to update to the Pro2 and offer higher resolution but I still get oooo's and ahhhhs with the original camera and cannot justify the expense at this time. I have integrated my Canon DSLR back into my photo workflow for better stills quality but Google 360s are just fine from the Matterport  360s.

  • @troy gray

    I was trying to say that the 360's pass the google's 8k requirement. They could be better but they are better than most 360 cameras.

    You could get the result your looking for with your DSLR but that is a lot of time from shooting to stitching.

    At least, you will be a Google trusted photographer when this finally rolls out.

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