They need to allow us some basic editing / post processing features

As 360 and VR awareness rapidly increases and with Google's continued roll-out of its Street View Business programme, I'm finding clients are more receptive to my pitch for business.

However, there are two problems:

Firstly the guys offering bespoke 360 tours with DSLR's have a head start on us as they have been posting to Street View since the programme was launched. They also have the ability to represent multi-level tours. Nothing we can do about that until Matterport is ready to release its Beta programme.

But secondly, there is a glaring problem that I feel is not being addressed at all and that is our complete inability to do any post-processing. We cannot edit / manipulate Matterport models in terms of:

1. Lighting - every photographer's medium, it seems self-defeating that we can't control light levels to capture mood and effect (eg. dimly lit romantic restaurants etc.)

2. Perspective - all the Matterport photospheres are distorted according to the wide-angle of the lens. Again it seems insane to me that, pitching to realtors, we don't have the option to correct something as simple as barrel distortion to optimise the architectural representation. You only have to look at for examples of the kind of things our DSLR competitors can achieve.

3. Outdoors - while I understand the infa-red limitations of the Pro Camera in terms of scanning, it seems silly that I can't take a panorama of the back yard / garden and link it to the interior model in post, nor can I navigate through closed doors. Surely this is a simple fix?

In summary I realise Matterport has a brand and reputation to maintain, but why not at least give us a limited number of lighting options and some perspective options? The Outdoor fix I'm sure is an easy one to remedy.

I look forward to any answers.



  • #1) My guess is that because we are working with both panoramas AND a 3D Object that Matterport have not come up with a way to allow us to do this that they are comfortable with.  If you enhanced a single pano, the transition effects would be off.  Therefore, it would require editing of both the panorama and the mesh skin data -- which is all lumped together in a file...

    The BEST solution would be to be able to set the camera's brightness in capture itself.

    #2) ?  They look great to me and I'm a former DSLR 360 Tour guy ...  

    #3)   You can -- again, it's the dollhouse and the 3D layer that causes the problems here.  Hopefully the built in GPS of the Pro-2 will enable the team to improve this.

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  • Chris, that's true - Matterport are providing a platform for both 3D modelling and panoramic photography. But that's my point. Google Street View doesn't need the 3D data, it just wants (like many of our customers) a decent panorama / set of panoramas. Yet we have to pay the 3D processing fee and hosting charges just to pull off a basic panorama. That's pretty unfair considering we already spent 4k on the camera.

    "The BEST solution would be to be able to set the camera's brightness in capture itself."
    - I agree that it would be helpful for all if we could pre-determine light levels. But at least let us preview the lighting on the iPad before capturing if you're not going to allow us to edit it in post.

    #2) Look at my Matterport generated image HERE and select the 'perspective' option in the top right hand corner. If you're a DSLR user then you'll know very well that we cannot correct barrel distortion.

    #3) I don't want to revert back to the dolls house to move from the garden back into the house through an open door. This needs fixing.

    At the moment, in order to achieve the optimum lighting / perspective I need to edit my 360's out of Matterport. So I am having to download a separate 360 image for each scan I need, edit each image in photoshop / lightroom and then stitch them back together either manually orby uploading them to Google for auto-stitching (if applicable).It seems a long-winded (and expensive) way of arriving at the result I want. I might as well revert back to DSLR.


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