2D Snapshot (RAW Download or Bracketed Image Download)


Would it be possible to be able to download snapshots in a file format other than JPG, for example like RAW?

The Pro 2 photos look good yet they still have a an issue with blowing out windows and external areas of a house in images.

Having access to a file format that has more information might allow us to manually fix this issue and improve the image quality enough for agents to be happy to use these images over traditional photographs. 

Obviously this can be fixed with bracketed shots which are commonly done on a traditional camera and I assume the Pro 2 already does something similar to this.

So if you can't provide a file format like RAW that we can work with, can you make it possible for us to download the bracketed shots so we can manually blend the images ourselves to reduce the blown out look in 2D shots?

Ideally downloadable bracketed RAW images would be great :D

The image below is from Matterports samples and highlights the issue I'm talking about when you look outside.



  • I have the Pro2 camera and agree with Chris Schieb completely. I would add that we need higher resolution 360 snapshot option downloads, which the Pro 2 camera can easily produce. I am surprised and disappointed that the 360 snapshots are the same resolution download as the Pro camera. We need more control on numerous fronts. Maybe Matterport was designed for photography novices, but you are attracting commercial photographers and we need more control and options in order to keep using Matterport products.


    Wendy Dickson (Dickson Imagery & BIRDSiVIDEO Charlotte)

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  • Thirded.

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  • Equally and fully supportive of the 2 valuable comments uphigh.

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