Elevation plans from scan

I have a request to scan some apartments and have been asked if I could generate elevation plans of some rooms as well. I have not done this for any client so need to know if there is a service provider for that who can generate from our scan. I did little reesearch and got this reply,

"I think for this project you could try one of the Matterport to AutoCAD conversion programs. For example Inventive CG."

Can I get some direction to proper channel for this service. 





  • Hey Rick,

    Funny to see InventiveCG being mentioned here. It is my website and I'd be more then happy to help you out. 

    You can e-mail me at info@inventiveCG.com with any details you may have about the project and I'll get back to you asap. Also feel free to check out the website over at inventivecg.com

    With kind regards

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  • Thanks Danny I will email you. 

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  • Hi Rick,  Sounds like Danny will be able to help you but just to add that I managed to produce sections and elevations by first getting a point cloud out of a scan and then using AutoCAD to create geometry from that.  I believe that I can also convert the Matterport space delimited point cloud into other formats that would allow production of floor plans via other products (I already use FME Translate for point cloud conversion) - Haven't had to try that yet but will hopefully do so soon.  Best Regards, Gordon

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  • Thanks @Gordon 



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  • Rick, i have recently done R&D testing with the PRO camera Point clouds, issued from Matterport.

    The workflow i'm adopting is:

    Open raw .xyz format in Recap and save as .rcp format.

    Import rcp file into Revit or Autocad.

    Cut sections with either program and trace over with 3D family or 2D lines.

    Accuracy was compared against a hand held laser device.

    Horizontal accuracy ie Plan was 98.5 to 99%

    Vertical was not as accurate, so be careful with sections or elevations (we did find increasing the amount of scans on a tighter grid and varying the camera level improved the accuracy. Always run spot check dims as part of survey!!

    We still await further testing, overlaying the data on surveyed 2D data will be a good check or lidar produced point clouds.

    Locating the point cloud in real space (ie aligned to BIM) is proving difficult, but quite essential workflow for us.

    With that said the Matterport product has so many useful features and look forward to the new Pro 2.




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