Property Developer wanting to link models to an interactive floorplan?

I have a client who has just built a condo complex and would like a model for each flat type linked to an interactive floorplan on his website.

I realise it's fairly straightforward to do but does anyone know of any real examples of this technique so I can demonstrate the examples to my client?

Thank you in advance.



  • Assuming you have models of your own you can generate an example by creating a simple floor plan of a model and then embedding exact URLs from the model into the floorplan.

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  • I agree with David but I wanted to understand a bit more about what is being asked for here.  The terminology is perhaps the issue so I wanted to ask for a bit of clarification for what was being said:

    'Model', is this referring to the Matterport 3D Showcase or Highlight reel?

    'Interactive Floor Plan', is this some existing software or visual documentation that your client is asking you to integrate with?

    I would be grateful if you could reply and as I would be happy to help.  We are being asked by clients to create floor plans, sections and elevations and typically we do this as one package of work and there has been no requirement to integrate with existing plans, documents or software but that may change in the future.

    kind Regards,

    Gordon, Co-founder and Partner at Captured Realities

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  • Thanks David again. I shall do exactly that.

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  • @Gordon

    By 'model' I'm referring to a complete separate entity I create using the capture app.

    The Developer's web designer can create a mock-up of the floor plan no problem, but I was just seeking clarification how I might bring all the separate models together cohesively for the best user experience. It looks like I'll go down the separate model route and embed the URL's as required just as David suggested.

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