MSP Meetup/ study group

Hi MSPs! My company would like to start a MSP/Matterport meetup group to educate the public about matterport and the services MSPs provide, and also to connect MSPs to further our businesses. Would anyone want create one with us and if we can get support and guidance from Matterport marketing team, that would be awesome!

I am in the Bay Area but the Study Group can be from anywhere. 


***EDIT: I forgot to give a little intro about myself. My company started at the end of 2016 and now have made about 60 scans. We are eager to learn and perfect our craft.



  • Hi Khang, we should talk. I'm in the East Bay and have been using Matterport for 2+ years and have also taught 2.5hr workshops on the camera, features, and advanced applications. Would be happy to chat with you about getting this started in the Bay Area. Feel free to PM me! 

  • Hi Khang,

    Please see my reply in the community forum.



  • @Karl Martin

    Hi Karl! I didn't see any reply in the community Forum. Can you link me please?


  • Sounds great Emily! We can definitely use our expertise for this Meetup group and our local referral network. Can you PM me your contact info or email it to Thank you!

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