MSPs and Matterport - 2017 Recap and Future Initiatives

Hello everyone!!

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It's been an exciting first half of 2017 for all of us! Over the past 6 months, we have been working diligently to build out the features you have been asking for, and create greater awareness and more adoption for Matterport, globally. As mindshare and momentum increases, so does the volume of requests for scan services for our network of MSPs. We want to recap some of the highlights from the past 6 months, to ensure you are leveraging what is pertinent to you, and also to give you a peek into some future initiatives coming down the pipe.


Let’s start with the new product features. Thank you for your input and patience as we have worked to deliver on the most requested and impactful initiatives to help you with your marketing, as well as building your businesses.

May was a huge month for product announcements:

  • Google Street View: Google announced a special partnership with Matterport at the Google Street View Tokyo Summit. Matterport for Business Listings allows MSPs to generate more revenue by using our all-in-one solution to create 3D scans for  businesses to easily market themselves across a multitude of platforms. Make sure you’re signed up for our Business Listings Beta Program if you’d like to receive more information about the go-live date and access to our materials to start selling.  
  • Social Sharing: With our new Social Sharing feature, you can easily share your client’s 3D Showcase to Facebook,Twitter, and more to increase the reach of your Matterport Spaces. Even better, using the “Learn More” URL, you can direct visitors to your MSP website for more information.
  • Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts: With the launch of MMP, you can now embed rich media including videos, music, photos, products, affiliate links, and more to your 3D Showcase - no uploads required. Engage your clients and generate additional revenue by offering something no one else in the market can provide. See some example Spaces on our blog.
  • Pro2: We are most excited about the launch of the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and are thrilled to see many of you already using it and getting great results! With 134MP equirectangular photos and up to 36MP 2D Snapshots, Pro2 is the only all-in-one property marketing solution on the market. In one single shoot using one device, you get everything you need to create, market, modify and distribute real-world places for your clients across web, print, and virtual reality -- including cutting edge 3D experiences, high resolution 2D photos, schematic floor plans, and other shareable assets.

Other big product announcements in 2017 have included:

  • Teaser Videos and 360° Snapshots: You can now generate videos and panoramic images automatically from your Matterport Spaces, leveraging our deep learning initiatives! Drive more traffic to your business with fresh content that you can share across the most popular online hubs in the world: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.
  • Virtual Reality: With virtual reality product enhancements, including Matterport VR for WebVR and iOS, bringing interactive experiences to your clients has never been easier. Consider incorporating add-ons like this to your standard MSP services for additional revenue. Don't forget: all your Spaces are available in VR for FREE until December 31, 2017! 
  • Syndication: represents the most comprehensive source for residential real estate, and Matterport is the largest generator of virtual 3D tours, with over 550,000 Spaces created to-date. Our partnership announcement earlier this year allows you to seamlessly add a Matterport Space to every listing. With this new feature, you can better pitch your real estate customers with the ability to differentiate their listings and drive more traffic to their Spaces for a quicker sales cycle.


We’ve been investing in automation and lead generation programs to drive more scan service business to you.

  • Find a Photographer: Improving the speed and rate at which we match leads with MSPs was a top priority for our team and earlier this year, we deployed improved lead matching automation. With the new system, the matching process takes less than 5 minutes per lead. We have also seen a drastic increase in page traffic over the first half of 2017 (30%) to our Find a Photographer form since offering the option to Hire an MSP on our buy button.
  • Scan Service Drip Campaigns: When camera prospects do not purchase, we automatically enter them into a drip campaign that promotes our MSP network. This allows interested leads to still obtain a Matterport 3D Space and drive more business to our channel. We also include the MSP network in various partnerships we have to different brokerages, like Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams, where we highlight how quick and easy it is for agents to add a Matterport 3D model to their listing by hiring an MSP.
  • PPC Leads: We have invested significant budget in global advertisements across various channels to generate leads for Matterport scans. We have heard from many of you that you have started to see these in your markets. Results vary across markets and channels and we continue to test and hone our findings, as we learn what drives the most scan service leads to our network.
  • Matterport Community MSP Overflow/Referrals:  A number of you have requested getting an MSP or two to help you on a project. We have added a section on our Community under our Special Interest Groups Section called “Referrals”. This is the place to both ask for help and get more business from your peers. We encourage you to check out the community on a daily or weekly basis if you’re looking for additional work. Here are recommended details to include when asking for help:
  2. More specific location of scan(s):
  3. Date Range:
  4. Hourly/Size Estimates:
  5. # of MSPs needed or Scans to fulfill:
  6. My contact info:
  • Scan Service Pilot Programs: Lead volume and demand for scan services has grown tremendously in the first half of the year, but we know you want more. As a direct result of your conversations on the Matterport Community, we’ve initiated a variety of programs designed to increase scan demand and build a deeper relationship between Matterport and our MSP community.  In the second half of 2017, look forward to regional and industry-specific pilots spanning a variety of scan demand generation tactics. The first of these is being beta tested in Q3 in the San Francisco Bay Area - and is designed to drive higher lead volume while better aligning Matterport and MSP business goals to increase 3D scan adoption among real estate professionals. We are also exploring partnerships with MSPs to service industries beyond residential real estate, as well as internal programs and enterprise partnerships designed to increase lead volume globally. Because we know that every pilot/program won’t work, we are trialling a variety of tactics. We look forward to working alongside our MSP entrepreneurs to drive both awareness and demand for scan services.
  • Materials to Help You Self-Generate More Leads: Matterport’s lead gen programs are intended to supplement your own marketing campaigns. To support those efforts, we have posted 20+ new sales, marketing, and enablement materials to the Member Portal since kicking off the year. These materials are designed to help you improve the customer experience, increase your expertise and skillset as a Matterport Service Partner, and win more business by leveraging them in your own lead generation efforts. By the way, the top 3 utilized of these are Matterport for All Industries”, “7 Steps to Getting Started as a Matterport Service Partner, and our “MSP Quote Template - so if you haven’t yet leveraged these, please do so today. Be on the lookout for new materials, including a video to help market your MSP scan services!


There are a host of other channels where we actively promote Matterport and our MSP Network, including:


We hope this update has provided a helpful recap of recent initiatives and the growing momentum for our MSPs. Now that the Pro2 launch is behind us, we are focusing all our efforts on building greater awareness and demand. We have set some lofty goals and are excited for our entire community to reap the benefits. Thank you again for being on this journey with us.

Matterport Linda & Matterport Kelly



  • Thank you, Linda! All is very exciting! 

    Quick question: When you say Teaser Videos, what do you mean? I am aware of the 360 Snapshots but not familiar with the video option.

    Thank you!

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  • Thanks Linda & Kelly!

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  • Hi Linda.  All this sounds good and will help promote Matterport / MSP services in the USA.  How will this help MSP in the UK?  Is there a programme to help generate leads for MSP.  You have a great product but we need more support in the UK to help general leads for Estate Agents  - Matterport needs to connect with Rightmove, so UK Estate Agents will work with us MSP's.  Thanks Peter

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  • Thanks. Would love to be able to give a timescale to our customers for Google Streetview

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  • HI Linda  I noticed the feature 'Teaser Videos and 360° Snapshots: You can now generate videos and panoramic images automatically from your Matterport Spaces'. How can I generate a Teaser Video for a model I created in December 2016?

    Cheers Peter

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  • Antonio:

    In a newsletter a few weeks back, we announced Teaser Videos.  Every Matterport Space created after May 7, 2017 will come with its own 10-15 second teaser movie featuring views of both the Space’s interior and the Dollhouse! These are generated by leveraging deep learning technology, and as a result of new innovations developed by our Computer Vision Team. To read more about the magic behind teaser videos, visit our blog.

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  • Peter:

    In the UK, we are also driving scan leads and are setting up initiatives with select partners to boost awareness and demand.  We did a webinar with Rightmove previously and are in contact with them regarding other programs.  Stay tuned, we are working to turn things up...


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  • Chris:

    We don't yet have an exact date for you.  Will keep you posted as soon as we do. Thanks!

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  • Hello Peter,

    Provided you still had the raw data on your ipad for the December 2016 model re-uploading it would trigger the creation of a duplicate model which would contain the "Teaser video". 



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  • Thanks for all the updates and ongoing development!

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  • Thanks Linda for the updates and overview.

    One most important feature and the main reason why we bought a Matterport 2 years before was the announcement of an SDK & API to be able to develop real advanced experiences. Waiting 24 month and more is not a great situation for us as a business. Will this promised SDK ever been released or is it already a shut down project?
    I know there maybe will also a special VR-SDK, but this is also very uncertain.

    The features offered by you by default are nice, but don´t work often in real life situations with clients and especially not for us in europe and germany.

    I am a UI/UX-Expert for 25+ years and a lot features need to be fine tuned to work and to be able to develop a successful business based on Matterport services.

    Also I still see a main issue in the legal and rights management.
    E.g. the advantage of the new MP2 with 134 Megapixel is very limited if I don´t have access to the 134 MP Panorama images and could not provide our client all necessary rights for their usage.

    How do you plan to address these kind of issues?

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  • Hi there Marcus,

    First off, hello again!  I know you've been one of the bigger proponents of an extensible Matterport platform.  That's something that's important to us, too, and hearing both the desire and the detail of what you want to accomplish helps us to make better choices internally.

    As for your comments, you're asking exactly the right questions.  A well-structured SDK with the appropriate rights/usage model helps developers by allowing specialized use cases, and helps us by expanding the reach of Matterport.

    You probably know all of that.  And you're right that this has gone slower than it should have.  I can tell you a bit about why (more on that in a second), but it's absolutely something we are working towards.

    "Great, when?" is the natural next question, and I can't answer that one.  Maybe this gives a bit of insight into one of the core considerations:

    Matterport -- and its customers -- are invited into people's homes.  There is an implied level of trust and privacy that we take very, very seriously.  There are other use cases that are even more sensitive.  We're also working to support more countries and regions, with their own rules and guidance around privacy.  Hopefully that explains some of the complexity we're facing when we look at powerful tools like syndication, content distribution, and developer platforms.  Perhaps we are too conservative there, but a mistake can be challenging to undo.

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