Connect with Peers for More Scan Service Business

This is the place to come if you're looking to give or get more business from your MSP peers. If you would like to sub-contract your extra work to other MSPs, or if you're looking for additional work to fill your schedule, this is the best spot for you to connect!



  • I am looking for MSPs in the Bay Area/ Norcal area to work with. Please email me for more info:

  • I am attempting to do the same in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Houston areas and I have been waiting on one of the sales staff at Matterport to get back to me with other Operators in the area, I have been waiting 3 months.

    A great idea and if anyone wants to contact me my e mail is

    Have a great July 4th!


  • I'm looking for work in the Salt Lake/Ogden area of Utah.  I'd appreciate any referrals and will do the same.

    My email is



  • Hi @wally.reder

    If I get anything in Texas for your area I will send them your way!



  • Hi Karl, 

    I am down in the Clear Lake/League City area. If you are looking for someone to outsource Matterport scans I don't mind the drive if you have the work.


    Email is 

  • @Eric

    Great to hear from you and yes I was looking to set up some type of referral system for when I travel or have to much work.

    I have your e mail address I will be in touch.



  • Sounds great Karl!

    Look forward to hearing from you. 


  • I'm available in northwestern and west central Wisconsin for your Matterport, aerial, and DSLR needs.



  • Count me in. 

    On the Treasure Coast of Florida, North of West Palm Beach.

    Best to all y'all.


  • I am in Birmingham UK so if anyone wants to reach across the pond I am your man!

  • If you meet someone in USA, Canada, etc. who would want to e.g. invest in a property in Italy, then with my company I can provide captures as "previews of the properties" at way more affordable costs than what you could quote otherwise, i.e. without the need for you to move here in Italy and go back e.g. from USA (!).

    There are people in your country who would very much like to spend some money to get "previews" of one ore more properties they're interested to purchase. Or maybe people who will stay in Italy for some time (holidays, work, etc.), and would like a better preview of a place they're going to book.

    Thus: you get the customer in some country, we make the capture in Italy, you show the property in your country (with projector, VR, whatever).

    Feel free to contact me directly:
    a DOT orlando AT dimensione3 DOT com

  • I’m looking for a specialized, experienced MSP (2+ years or 200+ scans) and a Pro2 Scanner I can send referrals to in the Portland Oregon area. Email me at:

  • Looking to team up with a local in the Boston, area if any one is interested. So if you need help with anything lets talk.

  • We are newbies in San Diego, CA but have done some interesting properties already. We have the latest camera so any referrals(and advise) are welcome.


  • I'd love to help with scanning any properties in South Florida.  I'm based in Boca Raton and usually cover everywhere from the Keys to Jupiter with occasional work in Naples.  Email me at

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